Keeping your car’s undercarriage clean

Undercarriage cleaning is a crucial part of a full car detail, and it should not be overlooked. Unlike the rest of your vehicle, the undercarriage is not easily seen. Yet it is important to maintain its cleanliness, as any dirt accumulation could cause major problems down the road. Dirty undercarriages could cause major structural issues or even accidents. Even a small deficiency could negatively affect your car’s automatic braking and steering systems. So, you must clean it often and make it a point to get it cleaned by a professional.

Ideally, you should wash the undercarriage of your car at least four times a year. This means washing it once per season, and more if you frequently drive on dirt roads or through rural areas. The undercarriage of your vehicle is the part of the vehicle that sits under the main body of the vehicle. The term “undercarriage” originally referred to horse-drawn carriages but has been applied to vehicles, aircraft landing gear, and more.

Preventing rust

When you wash your car, you are removing dirt and grime that can lead to rust. In addition to removing dirt and grime, washing also prevents existing moisture from being trapped. Because water evaporates, there is no need to worry about rust developing in the undercarriage. The most prone areas to rust include the fuel and brake lines. Aside from the body, you should also wash your car’s undercarriage before leaving it at the dealership. In this way, your vehicle’s undercarriage will stay cleaner than when it was brand new.

To avoid rust on your car, wash under the hood, doors, trunk, and other areas of the vehicle. Check the paint for bubbles, which can be a sign of rust. Also, check under the vehicle when you change its oil. Using jack stands will keep you safe when washing under a vehicle. It’s also essential to have drains on your trunk and hood. These drains should be free of debris and should be open to allow water to drain. Wash your vehicle regularly, especially after a rainy season.

Checking for safety issues

When you are washing under a vehicle, you should always check for safety issues. As a business owner, you need to make sure that you are following OSHA standards and that your employees are safe. This way, you can avoid any safety violations and employee complaints. Moreover, you’ll be less likely to get into any trouble with OSHA. Read on to learn more about safety issues and how to check for them.

The safety of employees and customers is of primary importance in any car wash business. You must keep an eye out for any mechanical parts, and you should listen for any sounds that indicate the presence of oil. You should also make sure that hoses are coiled neatly. You should also check that fire extinguishers are present and in good condition. Check the expiration date on the fire extinguishers as well.


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