TV installation

In case you are considering buying a new television, you should hire a TV Installation service. There are several companies offering this service. Among these are Handy, Taskers, and RMS Installs. Read on for the pros and cons of each one. These companies offer customized solutions and provide a variety of services to suit your needs. A professional team will arrive at your home or workplace at a designated time and start with the preliminary work. They will unpack the television and then install its mounting hardware. Depending on the model, the team may use a fixed, swivel-mount, or flexible arm mount. If you need an in-home installation, Inc. offers custom solutions.


If you have just purchased a 4K high-definition television, you probably want to mount it on the wall. But, if you don’t have the necessary tools, or if you’re too busy to do it yourself, you can use Handy TV installation services to make the job as easy as possible. Handy pros are available seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm, and they can install any type of television, including expensive OLEDs.

Getting a TV installed can be tricky and you don’t want to waste your day trying to install it. Besides, the cost of a department store TV installation service can be astronomical. Handy allows you to choose the right professional in your area who will come on time and won’t break the bank. In addition, Handy’s services are vetted, so you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable professional who doesn’t want to rip you off.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys! began its business in 1973 when Ronald A. Unkefer, then a one-man operation, opened a small television store in San Francisco’s Marina district. The name derived from a popular radio station in the city, and Unkefer encouraged customers to think of his salespeople as “good guys.”

The Good Guys accepts a variety of payment methods. You can pay with cash, credit cards, or gift cards. The company also offers online services via PayPal and Latitude Pay. Whether you want a TV installed in your living room or bedroom, The Good Guys can help. No matter which option you choose, their customer support staff is available seven days a week. And, if you have a broken TV, they will come to you to fix it.


Whether you need your TV wall mounted, or want it placed on a stand, Taskers can help. They have the tools you need to mount a TV, and they will come to your home to perform the task. Once the job is completed, you release payment to the Tasker. Taskers will come to your home and install your TV within 24 hours. Wall mounting your TV not only gives you a better viewing experience, but it saves you floor space. Taskers will also clean up afterward.

Prices for TV mounting services vary. A typical task will cost $30 to $50 per hour, although rates vary according to the type of wall, size and location of the TV mount. The time you’ll spend installing your TV may vary, especially if you need cable management. Some mounts have built-in cable management, so there’s no need to manage wires, while others leave room behind the TV screen to store your cable box. You can also get a recessed mount to free up space in a room.

RMS Installs

If you need help mounting your TV, you should call a company that specializes in this area. RMS installs is one of Atlanta’s leading TV mounting companies, with highly-skilled technicians that will get the job done properly and efficiently. They can even install your television over a fireplace, or install a soundbar. And since they are available around the clock, you can get their assistance when you need it most.

While mounting your television yourself may seem like an easy job, it’s often not. It can be tricky to read instructions, measure carefully, and even mount your television correctly. While you can probably hang it yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll end up frustrated and unhappy with the results. Hiring a professional TV mounting service will ensure that your TV is hung correctly and safely, without the risk of damaging the wall or breaking the television.

Powered by Handy

Powered by Handy TV Installation services connect people looking for household services with screened professionals. The company offers services for everything from smart home setup to furniture assembly. Customers can schedule service on their own schedule and enjoy a variety of benefits including preferred pricing and a Happiness Guarantee. The company also has a safety standard in place to ensure the safety of its employees. You can review a Handy installer’s profile to see if they’re a certified professional.

Many Handy TV wall mount installers depend on their reputation to get work. You can read reviews from other customers to find out whether Handy TV mounting services are right for you. Additionally, Handy TV wall mount installers are covered by the handy Happiness Guarantee if you’re not happy with the work. These are the reasons why many people recommend Powered by Handy TV Installation services. But how do you know which one to hire?


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