computer-aided design

Autocad is computer-aided design software that helps develop designs of buildings or other structures quickly. It supports the drawings of 2D or 3D to manipulate or create. It is used by engineers, architects, or other experts in the related field. They get to know what weakens their model and can be changed for an efficient result. So they virtually create the designs in less time, as doing it with hands will undoubtedly take more time. Edits can be done anywhere in the design in case of inaccuracy instead of creating a new one from the start. A variety of AutoCAD courses for civil engineering are available online to learn about Autocad and its tools. Some of which are as follows-

  • THE COMPLETE AUTOCAD 2018-21 COURSE- It is offered by Udemy and costs around 1920/- only. It is the best course for beginners to learn and provides a certificate. It covers lessons on all the necessary topics that one can learn. If you are an experienced user, then basic lessons can also be skipped, which you already know. All the modules in this course end with a mock test and then move further to the next. It will engage the learner and help in a better understanding of the concept. An instructor helps in clearing all the doubts. One can view the course either on mobile phones or on television. The certificate provided can be included in the resume or printed. 
  • AUTOCAD: 3D ARCHITECTURAL MODELING- A instructor will assist you in understanding the skills. The instructor’s name is Scott Onstott, which will guide in making the models from two to three dimensions. It is available on site called Lynda. Many more strategies are also learned through this course, like rotating objects, pushing out the partitions, and creating roofs, floors, windows, and doors. The duration is four hours and twenty-six minutes only.
  • CRET PREP FOR AUTODESK CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL: AUTOCAD FOR DESIGN AND DRAFTING- AUTODESK DESIGN ACADEMY- It is offered by AutoDesk providing to draw and organise objects with accuracy. It has modules based on annotation & layout techniques and scale or rotation tips.
  • AUTODESK AUTOCAD MASTERCLASS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO AUTOCAD BY SKILLSHARE- Many students take up this course which lets them be experts in developing their drawings. One will learn to draw complex figures and blocks. Also, to print and edit. Through this course, you will be able to learn all the required skills for developing drawings like architects.
  • LEARNING AUTOCAD 2020 BY LINKEDIN – Shaun Bryant is one of the top instructors placed here to teach about design, drawing, and geometry. It provides stepwise learning of developing diagrams related to manufacturing, architecture, and construction industries.
  • AUTODESK CAD/CAM FOR MANUFACTURING SPECIALIZATION- OFFERED BY AUTODESK- It is available on Coursera with a high ranking and certification. It mainly focuses on learning visual vocabulary and literacy.

Taking up a course is a must for gaining the knowledge and skills for using AutoCAD. There are various options available online that one can choose to learn. These courses are a bit easy than STAAD pro certification courses. People can create significant products by using imagination that results in practical visuals. This software is widely used among specialists or industries.


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