UV Gullas College of Medicine World ranking

With world-class infrastructure and positive feedback from international students, the University of the Philippines’s (UP’s) and Philippines Medical College has risen to the top spot as the best medical school in the Philippines. The UV Gullas College of Medicine is widely regarded as the most trustworthy and credible medical school in the Philippines. This Visayan university was established one hundred years ago. According to Gullas College of Medicine, the study of medicine is an influential and wonderful blend of science and technology, inventions, practice, and experiments that enable students to help ease the suffering of human beings. The goal of this endeavor is to train the most qualified medical practitioners possible in order to enhance the health of human beings. It is without a doubt true that this college of medicine is the top medical college in the Philippines since it uses an exceptional curriculum to train future medical professionals.

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Another factor to discuss is UV Gullas College of Medicine World ranking which remains best ahead of other medical schools in the country. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure

The Gullas Medicine College at the University of the Visayas features a contemporary campus home to a student body of over one thousand actively pursuing education in various disciplines, including over one thousand students from other countries. The Gullis College of Medicine Campus offers a setting that is both optimal and pleasant, making it the perfect place to cultivate the student’s creative potential. The Gullas Medicine College campus offers all of the resources that a student would want, such as libraries that are open around the clock, high-speed internet access, world-class laboratories, digital labs and digital infrastructure, and so on. There are currently hundreds of Indian students living in relative ease at the University of the Visayas Gullas College of Medicine so that they may pursue their goals of earning an MBBS degree. However, this student seeking MBBS degree in the Philippines pursue it because of the low Philippines MBBS fees.

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At present, the Gullas Medicine College campus is home to a large number of international medical students from India as well as hundreds of students from other countries. At the Gullas College of Medicine, Indian students do not have to worry about anything—from their housing to their meals—because everything is taken care of for them! On the Gullas Medicine College campus, Indian students report feeling a high level of comfort due to the constant surveillance and support counselors’ availability at all times.\

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Clinical rotation in 5 major hospitals

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program will take a student a total of 5.6 years to complete. The first 16 months of the program, which is called the Bachelor of Science program, are devoted to laying the groundwork for a solid medical education. This is followed by 4.5 years that cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of medicine and include skills labs, clinical rotations, cadaver training, and other similar activities with reasonable Philippines MBBS fees. The curriculum, as mentioned above, has been modified following the Guidance of NMC’s most recent notice, which was released on November 18th, 2021. Clinical rotation and five major hospitals are as follows:

High FMGE pass percentage

More than 1,400 and counting students from India have put their faith in the Gullas Medicine College and are now enrolled in the MBBS program at the UV Gullas campus. Look at all the students’ glowing assessments of their time spent at the UV Gullas College of Medicine. The passing rate for the FMGE 2019 exam was 53.57 percent. MCI acknowledges that admission to the UV Gulls College of Medicine is valid.

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