Causes more than one sense to be involved in the learning process. Allows for more rapid presentation of material. Often results in more rapid initial understanding. Promotes increased retention. Facilitates learning process for a variety of student learning styles simultaneously. Disadvantages: No permanent record of what was written. Instructor’s back to audience. Limitations on portability & audience size. Must write legibly. Cannot talk while facing board. Involve the students. Have plenty of chalk/markers & recap markers.


Assignments are generally a piece of work that is given to students to improve their writing skills and increase their knowledge about the given topic. Assignments provide opportunities for students to enhance their learning skills and prove to themselves that they have achieved their learning goals. Assignments also help teachers to evaluate students’ performance in their academics.

Many students believe that assignments are a waste of time why do we need assignments? They get annoyed when teachers ask them to complete or submit their assignments. An assignment is a task that is disliked by most students. However, this concept is extremely wrong. Students are given assignments from the beginning of their learning process. They are given certain assignments to develop their critical and analytical skills. The complexity of assignments is low at the initial stages of the learning process but as the students enter college or university assignments get tough and sophisticated. However, some students might still question what is the purpose of giving an assignment. There are many reasons behind giving assignments to students.

Importance Of Assignments:

These assignments or homework have great importance in students’ academics. Most of the students think that it is not their task to learn themselves as it is the responsibility of the teacher to teach them. However, this fact cannot be denied that a teacher cannot spoonfeed every single detail to every student regarding their subjects. Such type of spoonfeeding can destroy students’ creative skills. Spoon feeding is just like killing students with kindness. That is why students are given assignments so that the teachers can evaluate every student’s performance and guide them to improve themselves.

Write My Assignment students to concentrate more on their subject. It also encourages them to score high grades so that they can write flawless papers. Assignments are important as students learn new techniques and writing tips that help them in their academics. Assignments or homework writing task is something that will help students in their future studies. By writing, Assignments students also get prepared for their exams.             

Advantages of Assignments:

1. Understanding of the topic:

Assignments or homework is something that helps students to understand the topic. Doing a topic repeatedly increases the understanding of the topic and students will know the importance of practice.

2. Improve communication skills:

Some students hesitate in expressing their views in the classroom. Writing an assignment helps them to communicate with the teacher and the teacher understands one’s point of view.

3. Increase in the usage of the internet and libraries:

For writing an effective assignment students need to have comprehensive knowledge for which they make use of the internet and go to libraries. This improves their ability to do research.

4. Improve management skills:

Assignments make the child more aware of his time management skills. Assignment or homework is to be completed within a set deadline, so it pushes the child to finish the given work within the deadline and increases his time management skills.

5. Improves learning process:

Assignments always give the students opportunities in exploring their knowledge and skills via the real-life practical examples they give. Thus, their knowledge scope is broadened largely by writing long assignment papers which helps them in the learning process.

Disadvantages Of Assignments:

1. Puts mental pressure on students:

Sometimes it gets hectic as students have many subjects. It is not possible to complete the assignments of different subjects and it will put mental pressure on students and they will not be able to focus on anything.

2. Reduces time for extracurricular activities:

Assignments can get overwhelming for students and they might not get time for extracurricular activities.

3. Reason for stress and anxiety:

When a student is not able to finish an assignment on time he suffers from stress and anxiety due to the fear of not getting the marks or getting the teacher’s punishment.

4. Assignments become ineffective:

The concepts that teachers explain in the classroom make more sense to students than completing them at home where they are just trying to meet deadlines and please teachers. In this way, assignments become less effective because students will be taking help from parents or tutors at Malaysian assignment helpers.

5. Results in less practical learning:

Too many assignments can result in less active and practical learning. What a person can learn physically stays with him for a long time so it is important to maintain a balance between both.


Assignments or homework helps a student to evaluate themselves for better future academic results. They help the students to maintain a discipline of practice. There are many advantages of assignments but with advantages also come some disadvantages. Teachers need to make sure they are burdening students with too many assignments as it will affect the student mentally. Assignments aim to benefit students when given in less quantity as they require more comprehensive knowledge about the subjects they are studying. It also helps in building a healthy relationship between the students and the teacher. 


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