Barbie chelsea doll I Buy Great
Barbie chelsea doll I Buy Great

Do you want your daughter to be more generous and friendly? Barbie dolls are the way! Your girls will feel above the sky having these attractive dolls in their collection. You can buy them from online toy shops in the UK. Playing with dolls not only augments their communication skills but also strengthens their imagination. This article will give you a list of some alluring barbie doll toys that your child will be obsessed with!

5 Barbie Doll Toys to Gift Your Girls

Barbie dolls are the most helpful for girls to enhance their fashion sense, emotional stability, and social skills. With so much variety in the stores, it is difficult to find the best one. Here you’ll get to know about some options for charming dolls!

1. Barbie Chelsea Dolls Collection

The little barbie Chelsea doll is an amazing purchase. Just like in the movie, it’s appealing as well as cheerful. Its a good option to gift your daughter as she’ll surely love it. This chelsea doll is an ambitious little girl that switches her occupations according to her mood. Furthermore, it is the most mischievous yet attractive doll you are looking for for your kids’ playtime. Your daughter will drool over these chelsea dolls set at first sight!  

2. Barbie Extra Doll

Dolls who are as attractive as well as big on fashion are not easy to find. But this Barbie Extra Doll is one of them! An elegant still fashionable doll that also has her pets. Gift this adorable doll to your daughter and it will increase her fashion sense and will boost her love for pets. It will make her communication skills strong. The bright colours make these dolls look more EXTRA. Glittery hair, colourful eyes, beautiful dress, including pets. What a complete package it is!

3. Barbie Doll as Gymnastic Teacher with Balance Beam and Student!

Is your daughter more into workouts and gymnastics? Then get her this set consisting of a barbie doll as a gymnastic teacher, a balance beam, together with also a student. Your daughter will enjoy this set the most. Put the little student on the balance beam and then pull the lever. The little student will hop in style. It looks pretty appealing, including thoughtful. It will make your daughter more interested in gymnastics. Such an innovative toy, right? Additionally, it also has a golden trophy that will be given as a reward to the student doll. 

4. Barbie Doll and Fairytale Dress-up Set

Barbie Doll and Fairytale Dress-up Set is an innovative fairytale set. It will increase your daughter’s sense of imagination as it fulfils all her fantasies. This set has an enchanting Barbie doll having 3 character outfits – a princess, a fairy, and a mermaid. She can change her Barbie doll according to her imagination and fairytale. This would be a perfect gift for your daughter. This set can make your kids’ fashion sense better as they will learn to mix and match things. Get your hands on this set now!

5. 2018 Holiday Barbie Doll

The holiday season is around the corner. You might be wondering what to gift to your doll. If your daughter likes high-fashion dolls, give this beautiful doll to your daughter. This doll wears an extravagant red gown. Moreover, this doll has pretty blue eyes that will astonish your daughter. Your daughter will be delighted to see this, as this chic and pretty doll is all that your daughter needs! She will enjoy her holidays with the wonderful 2018 holiday barbie doll and make it memorable.


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