What are the best movies shot in New York City

No matter where you live, NYC is a city that lives inside you is the best movies city. It’s the city where you’re never really from and always a tourist, even if you’ve been here for decades. Even though it’s been the setting for countless films over the years, there are still plenty of movies shot in NYC that are worth watching again—or seeing for the first time.

The Godfather

The Godfather is set in 1940s New York City. It follows the story of a crime family as they struggle to stay powerful and influential amidst an ever-changing world. The film stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The movie was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won four.


Yes, you read that right: Ghostbusters was the best movie about ghosts in New York City, not about the paranormal or some otherworldly phenomenon. Bill Murray played Dr. Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd played Dr. Raymond Stantz, Harold Ramis played Dr. Egon Spengler, and Ernie Hudson played Winston Zeddmore in Ivan Reitman’s 1984 comedy, which he also wrote, produced, and directed.

Taxi Driver

In 1976, Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader released the American crime thriller Taxi Driver. The plot centres on a 36-year-old man, an unnamed taxi driver, who suffers from mental instability due to emotional trauma. He joins a war reenactment society after seeing a brutal robbery. Nevertheless, he gets involved with two presidential campaign workers. He then learns about his neighbor’s suicide because they plan to use him as a pawn to kill Senator Charles Palantine.

Raging Bull

Raging Bull is a 1980 film about the life of boxer Jake LaMotta, played by Robert De Niro. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and filmed in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as in many other locations throughout New Jersey.

Essentially, Jake and Vickie, his wife, are the main characters of Raging Bull. It also looks at the effects of fame on a person’s relationships with others. De Niro put on 60 pounds for the role, which some claim he did naturally. The film is known for its intense boxing scenes starring him.

When Harry Met Sally

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan played the roles of Harry and Sally in the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. It is directed by Rob Reiner and written by Nora Ephron. Harry and Sally are friends who frequently argue about everything from politics to relationships.

This movie was nominated for four Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role for Billy Crystal, Best Director for Rob Reiner, and Best Writing – Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) but did not win any of those categories.


Goodfellas is a 1990 American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese. It stars Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci. The film narrates the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill (De Niro). He becomes a “made man” in the Lucchese crime family. The story is based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book Wiseguy. It is loosely based on real-life Mob informer Jimmy “The Gent” Burke.

Goodfellas won six Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, and Best Cinematography; it was also nominated for five other awards, including nominations as Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic New York City movies ever made. Right from the first shot, you’re confronted with a bustling Manhattan street scene. Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly is the type of girl that made you want to live in New York City during your early twenties (if not now).

This movie will take your breath away if you love classic romantic comedies. Blake Edwards directed the film.  It is based on Truman Capote’s 1958 novella. It has since been adapted several times, but none have come close to matching its sheer pretentiousness. 


That is what it is, then. Check out these movies if you’re looking for a good movie or want to relive your youth by watching old movies. Every one of them exhibits the scenery and acting prowess that New York City has to offer.


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