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Dentist in Lahore, Similar to the eyes, the lower portion of the face can be used to convey the emotions of a thousand and one by using words and expressions. This region has an important aesthetic element such as the align and whiteness of the teeth. The harmony and shape of the smile are sure to draw the attention of your coworkers and influence your daily social interactions.

While it may be a source of attraction for some, the smile can be for others a tangled and cause of stress which should be handled by a professional.

Every smile is different

As with every other component of the face the smile is a part of a collection of characteristics that are unique to each person. In this regard, there’s no ideal smile, only the one that is most suitable for your face. But, many patients require dental treatments that are in relation to their smile. They generally want to improve or maintain the harmony of their teeth, their mouth, their gums, and the rest of their face, Dentist in lahore.

The various types of smile lines

The smile line with the lowest the smile line that is about one five people. When they smile, people who have a low smile line are not able to display their gums and only 70 percent of them show their canines and incisors.

The standard smile line is the most popular arrangement, which affects around 70% of people. People who smile expose the majority or nearly all of their teeth when they smile and also the lower portion of the gums (gingival papillae).

The high smile line: Only one in 10 have this kind of smile. Also known as the gum line. It exposes the upper portion of the teeth, as well as the gums on the top.

How can you improve the appearance of your smile?

For a harmonious smile, a variety of treatments are possible based on the root and progression of the problem.

The option is to use orthodontic treatment to change the teeth’s position and to perform dental whitening, and to begin the process of placing prostheses that improve the size, color or form of the teeth or to take care of periodontal health for gum problems.

In the majority of instances, the treatment can be completed easily and within a short amount of time. On the other hand in some more complicated cases the medical treatment requires an exhaustive assessment along with the assistance of other specialists to make a clear diagnosis and then plan an appropriate multidisciplinary treatment according to the wishes of the patient.

Are you curious to learn more about the treatments available to teeth lines? Book the appointment to see your Dentist in lahore today to discuss about it. Read more: Smile Makeover Dentist


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