Tantra? That’s some kind of meditative sex, isn’t it? Well no. Tantra is much more than that. In fact, out of the 112 exercises found in ancient Indian tantric scriptures, only five are about sex. So what is it and how does it work?

Ask the average person in your area what tantra (-sex) means and you will probably get the answer somewhere ‘sex without orgasm’. Something that is actually only partly true. Because tantra (-sex) is much more than that and even, as you have just read, is not by definition about sex at all.

Tantra (-sex): what is it actually?

Expansion and liberation                               

The word tantra is Sanskrit for expansion (tan) and liberation. There are many descriptions of tantra on the internet, some more vague than others. Writer Vibe-City described it in Nouveau as follows: ‘Tantra is an old Indian philosophy, which has been given a new Western look here. Each school and each trainer puts their own stamp on it. But the essence is always: do not resist the vital life energy flowing through your body, but work with it. This will make your life deeper, fuller and richer. And you don’t necessarily need a partner for that.

In other words: Tantra is all about using all your senses. And again, it’s not just about sex. You can eat something tantric by looking at it, experiencing the desire of the taste, smelling, feeling, tasting and experiencing.

Sexual energy is life energy

Tantra helps to come back into your body through your life energy, which is also called sexual energy because we are sexual beings that originated from sex.

The trouble with tantra and accepting that sexual energy as life energy is in the taboos surrounding sex, especially for women. Sex is often not allowed and if a woman expresses her sexual energy in a way she likes, it is often seen as attracting attention. Tantra can help you let go of those negative emotions you feel during sex and transform them into positive emotions.

Want to learn more about (tantra) sex and (self) love?

Sex – no matter how often you have it – can be flamingly horny, but also deadly scary. It therefore never hurts to gain a little extra knowledge. That is why we have created the Sex & Love Guide for you in collaboration with experts and our colleagues from Cosmopolitan. Bomb full of tips about self-love, communication in the bedroom, information about libido and tantra and lots of assignments. Bet it will take your sex life to the next level?

Good to know: if you specifically want to delve into tantra, you can do that in different ways. Not only with our own online course, but also during other courses, a weekend or massage outside the door. Do your research well, not everyone in the tantra branch has good intentions.


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