With your age, the way you dress up also varies. Whatever your age, there is always
a way to dress to keep your fashion game at its peak. Not just clothing, but even
accessories are important in helping you make a solid style statement.
Talking about accessories, glasses are one of those fashion accessories that can be
worn by people in all age brackets. Well, when it comes to the broad category of
styles, it needs to be noted that all styles are approachable by everyone, regardless
of their ages. What varies with age are the variants among various styles.
If you are in your 20s and want to bring out your A game with style, here are the
trending glasses styles and the variants that you need to choose among them.
You can buy these pairs online to reap the amazing benefits of online glasses. Last
week, when I headed over the internet to buy round glasses for men, I was amazed
to find top quality pairs at super affordable prices here. Let me introduce you to the
styles that you need to look for over the online medium.
Wayfarers have always been a massive craze among the youth – thanks to their bold
and vibrant appeal. The crisp box-like structure, which is accentuated further by
sharp angles, is a delight to the eyes.
To match the vibes of your 20s, the iconic thick frames of wayfarers are a solid pick.
The conventional solid colours like black and brown will never get boring, but to
spice up things and keep it bold, you can go for more playful colours like red, green,
yellow, among others.
Vintage fashion is popular in present times and it is the youth population that have
adopted it at a significant scale. With tortoiseshell patterns around, you have the
option of taking the vintage route with your wayfarers. And believe me, tortoiseshell
patterns on wayfarers are magical.
The iconic square shape of wayfarer has evolved over time and multiple variations
have been introduced. For those in their 20s, the contemporary D-shape wayfarers
are an amazing pick.
Round Glasses
The retro round glasses have been there since the time glasses originated, and they
are good to go for people in all age brackets. For those in their 20s, you will be
surprised by the innumerable options of round glasses for men and women that
The perception that the timeless metal frame glasses are only meant for people in
higher age brackets is absolutely false. These pairs radiate superb youthfulness and
will provide you with an elegant outlook.
The oversized round glasses are an absolute gem for the young population as their
funky touch are a display of fun and positivity, which the youth just can’t resist. Sleek
metal frames or the chunky acetate ones, both make looking young very simple.
For people who wish to experiment – a common trait associated with youth – round
glasses with subtle upswept ends like that of cat-eye styles are a solid option. Your
search for a super stylish pair of round glasses for women ends at these pairs.
Transparent Glasses
The modern-day transparent glasses make styling glasses in your 20s super simple.
They are an elite option that is good to go on all occasions. It is the aesthetically
pleasing clear frame structure of transparent glasses that make them a fitting style
for the youth.
Transparent glasses enhance facial features brilliantly. To make your facial features
even more prominent, go with frame shapes lying towards the roundish end if you
have angular face shapes and angular frames for round or oval face shapes.
To match the youthful vibes, you need to try out transparent glasses in pastel shades
like crystal blue, nude pink, teal, among others. These styles are also the coolest
trends going about.
Oversized Glasses
Funky fashion is something that the youth population love to experiment with. And
when it comes to glasses, the funky element of the oversized frames is unmatched
by any other style.
Although all variants of oversized glasses look good on youth, there are few styles
that are exceptional. Regardless of the shape of the frames, the chunky acetate
frames on oversized glasses will certainly make heads turn. To keep the fun element
high, you can go for playful colours.
To keep things a little towards the formal end, thin metal frames are your way to go.
One of the most trending variants of oversized glasses is the square frame. Apart
from the conventional shapes, you can go with the offbeat option of geometric
Rimless Glasses
The sophisticated rimless glasses are seen all over the streets these days, and we
can also spot the younger generation donning them at a significant scale – thanks to
their youthful elegance.
Rimless glasses may be classified as minimal style, but then who doesn’t like to
keep things minimal. The frameless front structure with slim temples provide a smart
outlook to the wearers of these pairs.
When it comes to the shape of lenses, you can keep it retro with round styles, try out
something minimal like the rectangular ones, or even take the sassy route with the
upswept cat-eye styles.
The highly-spirited aviators certainly deserve a spot in the list of glasses for those in
their 20s. If you are looking for something classic, aviator glasses are the best
option. The one-of-a-kind teardrop structure in combination with the top bar is
responsible for the classic appeal that aviators carry.
Just like any other style, even aviators have seen modifications and all for good. One
such modification is the geometric aviators, which is a brilliant option for the youth.
Aviators always look sensational with metal frames and you can certainly opt for
them. However, aviators in acetate frames are one of the top modern-day trends,
and a great pair to go with in your 20s.
There are many other options when it comes to aviators, including the round and
oversized aviators. To keep your style game on points, these contemporary
modifications of aviators will never disappoint.
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