Asian Weddings

Deciding what you’ll wear for the Indian wedding is a significant decision but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Indian and Pakistani weddings are renowned for their lavishness, traditionally and love celebration. 

Certain ceremonies are formal and therefore you should be considerate of this and dress in a formal manner. Some weddings are more casual but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress with a t-shirt and jeans. Additionally, if you’ve been invited to an ethnic wedding, for instance, one that is an Asian wedding, you’ll need to be sure to dress appropriately. You are wearing is appropriate.

How to decide what to wear an Asian Weddings


In the first place, it is crucial to keep in mind it is important to remember that Asian weddings are usually colorful and vibrant occasions. There is a lot variety of colours, and you’ll want to ensure that the attire you dress in isn’t too subtle.

Although it is acceptable at this time for guests to wear black attire to weddings in the West however, guests attending weddings in an Asian wedding should consider something more playful and vibrant. It is generally accepted that Asian clothes online is more vibrant in general. Make sure to avoid wearing red since this is likely as the colour of the bride’s wedding dress.

  1. Don’t use red as a hue Indian attire to wear on the wedding as the bride may be wearing this color!
  2. Additionally, black is not suitable on the day of wedding Sikh as well as Hindu weddings. However, it’s fine for Muslim weddings.
  3. For Muslim weddings wearing more modest attire for the evening is preferred. Therefore, avoid evening gowns with sleeves deep decollete or mini cocktail dresses if you’re invited to the wedding of a Muslim wedding.

2. Style of Wedding dress

What is the religious background of your host? They would appreciate the guests’ efforts to dress in traditional Asian styles rather than an edgy style. Our fusion collection is perfect at any Indian wedding but can also be dressed as traditional fashion dress that can be wear them over and over for any event. In our vast selection of  Kids Pakistani clothes, you can pick from four basic styles such as churidar suits trouser suits, sarees , and lehenga.

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It’s also crucial to keep in mind that traditional attire is not always required. While guests should look at specific requirements for dress codes in the wedding invitation or website, other attires could be suitable as well.

The importance of dressing conservatively is especially during religious ceremonies. “Depending on the type of religious wedding ceremony you are attending. 

The dress code will vary,” she declares. “Some ceremonies will require covered shoulders and maybe your head, others will not. Typically the more traditional the venue–where the ceremony occurs in a mosque or temple–the more conservative the dress code.”

3. Avoid white 

One of the major similarities that exists between Asian wedding clothes as well as Western guests’ attire is the aversion to white. In the West it is not recommended wearing white since that’s what the bride is wearing. Many Asian people view white as the colour that is reserved for mourning. A white dress code for such an event is the wrong selection of dress. You’ll be better off wearing a brighter attire for the wedding.

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Different Styles of wedding dresses

Churidar is a perfect fit

A Churidar outfit is a fashionable style to wear to Indian weddings. The Churidar is the lower portion of an Asian suit as well as the leggings, which are gathered around the ankles. They can be paired together with the Anarkali Dress that is a long dress that fits and flares around the waist. They are full of flare in the hemline, and are usually heavily lined. It is also possible to be paired with shorter, shift-style dresses or kameezes that are similar to tunics for women but with side slits that go up to the hips.

Gharara Style 

Gharara is really trendy on Asian weddings. Wedding dresses for brides in Pakistan which has been popular since the time of the Mughals. The gharara is a trouser with two legs style bottom that has the appearance of a flowing, loose lower leg. It is often worn with shorter shirts. Ghararas are general bottoms that look classy when worn with long shirts, too. Another style that is loved by brides as well as wedding guests, if you are looking to be elegant at your wedding, a dress made of Gharara is the best choice.

Lehenga Dresses

Lehenga is among the most popular attires worn by Pakistani brides. It is also used by the sisters of the grooms and brides too. It’s an A-line laced skirt that is length of floor and is available to any design that the person would like. There are farshi lehengas Indian lehengas in the style of Indians. As well as lehengas that have long trains and much more. Lehenga is generally worn over the petticoat, and then a sheer skirt, which will give it the volume you want. 

Shalwar Kameez

As the dress of nationality in Pakistan and a popular dress, shalwar kameez is also frequently worn during weddings since it’s comfortable and stylish. There are many kinds of fabric that can be used for the Pakistani women’s dresses. Different embroideries and designs can be used to embellish the shalwar suits based on your preferences.


An expansive wardrobe is in order as the main wedding ceremony is preceded by several pre-wedding functions, each with its own signature vibe and dress code. This will determine your choice of outfits, and looks can be further narrowed down by the theme and season.


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