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https://framespot.co.uk/shop-best-frames-in-uk/ Triple frames are one of the most efficient and economical frames available.  Many people haven’t thought much beyond displaying pictures of triplets or siblings, but there are many other uses for triple picture frames. This article will give you the information you need to determine if a triple picture frame is the framing option that’s best for you.

#1 Benefit of Triple Picture Frames The biggest benefit of triple frames is savings. With three pictures fitting into one frame you can hang more pictures on a wall or display more photos on a table. Although you will almost always save money on a triple picture frame compared to buying 3 separate frames, most people don’t buy them for the cost savings but instead buy them for their space efficiency and ability to display 3 photos. Triple picture frames are available in hinged picture frames, wall frames or come with an easel back stand for displaying on a flat surface. If you want to display a triple frame on a mantle or shelf, a hinged triple frame is definitely the best choice for displaying in small narrow areas. The hinges allow the frame to stand by itself without an easel back stand so they easily fit in small compact spaces. Uses for Triple Picture Frames

There are many great uses for triple picture frames. If you are having trouble thinking of any, here are just a few of the top ways triple picture frames can be used. Family PhotosAlthough displaying family photos is the most obvious use of triple picture frames it is also the most popular. Family photos, whether your family consists of two, three or more members, will find a home in a triple frame. There are many combinations to display your favorite family photos in triple frames so let your imagination run wild.

https://housedecoring.com/ Landscapes You may never have thought of landscape pictures as being perfect for a triple picture frame but you can create some unique photo displays with just a little imagination. You can display triple picture frames by stacking three pictures on top of each other for a long vertical display or stack the three frames side by side for a wide horizontal display. Whether you display your photos horizontally or vertically, both ways look great with landscape photos. You can create two completely different looks just by the way you position the photos. By stacking them vertically you can create three unique images or you can display them horizontally and create a wide panoramic like view. Side by side frames are great for giving a panoramic landscape view as if you are looking out a window at some distant scenery.

But no matter what you choose, triple frames allow you to use your creativity to create an artistic display of your landscape photos. Still Photos Displaying still life photos in a triple picture frame can add a stunning and stylish look to any home. Almost any type of inanimate object can be the subject of your photo and look good in a triple picture frame. You can display three unique objects in a triple frame or show photos in a theme like three different images of fruit, flowers, lighthouses or old barns. Anything can work in a triple frame as long as you use a little bit of imagination.

Gallery Picture Frame Display Triple picture frames combined with other styles of frames, such as collage picture frames, double frames or single frames can create the feel of a gallery display on your wall. Using multiple frames of similar style, material or color will add a sophisticated and stylish look to your picture wall display. As you can see, triple picture frames are a versatile and economical solution to your framing needs. Next time you want to add a decorative touch to your home or office, look for a triple picture frame and you’ll save both money and space.


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