Everything about real hair extensions!
Everything about real hair extensions!

Who doesn’t want gorgeous long hair that makes them look like a diva? We envy you if you have naturally long hair. However, most women do not have long tresses for various reasons, and for them, original hair extensions are the best option. You might not have naturally long hair like Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra Jonas, but you can get their look using real hair extensions! Do you want those straight hair extensions to make your hair look perfect? Well, continue reading to know about hair extensions.

Reasons To Use Hair Extensions

Use real hair extensions

The primary purpose of natural hair extensions is to increase hair length. It can also be used to hide a sloppy haircut. You can use a different hair color shade for the hair extensions if you want to add some color and dimension to your hair without having to color the natural hair. Hair extensions add volume to the hair as well. Hair extensions, for example, can make thin hair appear thicker. Hair extensions can also be used to transform the look of your hair without having to cut and style your hair. Too many chemical-laden products and heat-related hair appliances can harm your natural hair. Hair extensions add a layer of protection between the natural hair and the products/appliances.

Tip: Nothing gives you more confidence than gorgeous hair that sits perfectly around your head. Hair extensions can help you achieve it!

Types Of Hair Extension


There are five types of hair extensions… Keratin-applied hair extensions, weaves, bang hair extensions, glue-taped, and clip-on hair extensions The keratin process adheres the hair extensions to your scalp by using a keratin-based dry “glue” at one end and a hot/cold drying treatment at the other. Weaves are hair extensions sewn with a needle that can last up to three months. Taped hair extensions are attached to the hair with tape from beneath the top layer. The glue sew in hair extensions is similar, but glue is used to secure the hair extensions to the hair. Clip-in hair extensions are temporary extensions with a clip at the top that is used to secure the extensions to the hair.

Synthetic vs. Natural

Synthetic Vs Natural extensions

Hair extensions can be made from real hair or synthetic fibers that look like hair. Of course, colored hair extensions will look ideal and real,but they will also have the same problems that any real hair will have – frizziness, etc. Hair extensions made of synthetic fibers are more durable but have a plastic-like appearance. Real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they last much longer.

Maintain A Routine


How hectic is your daily schedule? Will you have enough time to give the hair extensions the attention they require? Do you spend time outside in inclement weather? Do you frequently use heat-based hair appliances? You must decide on hair extensions and the type you want to use based on your answers to these questions. Taped hair extensions, for example, will not work well if you use a lot of heat-based appliances or practice hot yoga, whereas keratin-applied hair extensions will. If you like to change your hair color frequently, the keratin-applied option will not work for you, and tape in hair extensions are a better option.

Color Classification

Diverse color

While using different colored hair extensions may appear more appealing, you must consider how they will look with your natural hair. They will not blend in naturally like an ombre or balayage hair color. Choose hair extensions that are the same color as your natural hair. If you’re using highlighted hair extensions, you could have them attached and then have your hair – natural and extensions – colored to your liking.

How To Take care Of Hair Extensions

Taking Care of hair extensions

When you get hair extensions, you must take proper care of them. It would be best if you also made certain that the hair extensions you get are suitable for your hair. Choose hair extensions that are lightweight and do not pull at your hair, weakening or breaking it. A daily brushing routine, proper hydration, and natural products free of drying chemicals are necessary for proper hair and hair extension care. For the best results, go to a hair extension expert. Get a hair trim after putting on the extensions to ensure everything looks natural.

Tip: Hair extensions require a lot of attention. Before you decide to get hair extensions, think about what you want to get out of them and educate yourself on the various factors involved – types, qualities, post-care, etc.


Hair Health

If your natural hair is damaged, you should first repair it. Consult a hair expert to get those tresses in order before applying for hair extensions. Do your research on what would suit your hair and choose the hair extension type for your hair after consulting with a hair expert.This ensures that your hair looks healthy.



Hair extensions, like natural hair, require proper care. You must wash, blow-dry, and style your hair extensions regularly for the perfect look. It takes time, but the look you get to carry off post is exactly what you were looking for. The ends of the hair extensions may become unruly over time, causing the extensions to stand out from the natural hair. That problem can be concealed by using a smoothing treatment or by straightening or curling the hair.

Products That Go Together

Hair Extension care

What works for your natural hair may not be suitable for hair extensions. You should invest in hair products that will keep your hair and hair extensions looking beautiful. Use a sulfate-free, non-stripping shampoo and a highly moisturizing conditioner or mask to keep your hair healthy. Use a well-mixed bristle brush to keep your hair, both natural and hair extensions, tangle-free. If you notice that your natural hair is becoming drier than usual because the products are not reaching the roots, divide your hair and use leave-in hair conditioner sprays to ensure that all hair remains hydrated.



Using inferior hair extensions: Make certain that your hair extensions are of high quality. It may be more expensive, but it will undoubtedly last longer.

Make sure the color of the hair extensions matches: Hair extensions are pre-made with specific color hair or fibers. You must choose a color that complements your natural hair the best.

For smaller sections, use larger strands: Each strand is attached to an individual strand of natural hair. When using a longer strand of hair extension, the natural hair can become tangled and damaged.

Blending hair extensions into the hair correctly: Hair extensions that are too bright in color, texture, or cut will not look good. Blend the look properly.

Make sure you follow the proper post-care routine: Ask the salon expert how to care for your hair and hair extensions, and then follow their advice. Simple daily routines such as tying the hair in a low ponytail or a loose braid at night and thoroughly drying the hair at the roots can help prevent hair damage and matting. 


Wear hair extensions to change your look more easily than ever before. Slay your dream hair with confidence and ease, and attract a lot of attention. Step out of your house with gorgeous hair and look like a hair goddess without commitment. Check out Diva Divine for the best hair extensions and flaunt the most natural-looking, versatile hair extensions you’ve ever seen!


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