The popularity of Saraiki music can be attributed to a few factors. For starters, the music is energetic and vivacious throughout. It is therefore ideal for dancing and gatherings. All ages of listeners enjoy Saraiki songs since they frequently have very romantic lyrics.

The ease of accessibility of Saraiki music is another factor in its appeal. You can listen to Saraiki music in a variety of ways, including online, on the radio, and on television. This implies that listeners from various corners of the globe can appreciate this style of music.

Last but not least, Saraiki music is well-liked since it fosters interpersonal relationships. Regardless of whether they are from

List of some best saraiki songs

  1. 1. Asan kami kadan dy nashaii han | New mehfil program by Afridi Bharion || Bethak program 2022

2. Nika Jia Dhola patla jia Dhola Sady shahr ich aya ghut kr by Afridi Bharion bethak program 2022

About Saraiki Songs

The history of Saraiki music is extensive and complex. It is thought to have its roots in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Sufi and folk music are combined in Saraiki music.

A significant component of Saraiki music is sufi music. Sufi music is devotional music that frequently encourages mysticism. Lyrics from the poetry of Sufi saints are frequently used in Saraiki Sufi music.

Saraiki music includes a significant amount of folk music as well. Folk songs in the Punjab region are frequently about people’s daily lives. They frequently employ basic rhythms and melodies.

Today, Pakistanis all around the country listen to and enjoy Saraiki music. It is a preferred style of music for weddings and

Best Platform for listening Saraiki songs

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