If you have a yard at your home, then why not put it to good use throughout the year. Many owners have been trying to bring out their indoor items to enjoy it outdoors. Why not enjoy watching your favorite serial or movie with your family and friends while having a barbecue outside? So what should you invest in? A weatherproof TV or an outdoor TV enclosure! Do some research on the topic to make a wise decision?

Know about both in details

Installing your ordinary indoor tv outside will only expose it to harsh weather elements. Being just another electronic device, it is likely to get damaged very quickly. If it is an expensive one, then it will only mean costly repair or complete replacement and wastage of precious money. Also are sold weatherproof TV as well as outdoor TV enclosure. The former is designed to function as all-in-one weather-resistant TV meant for outside use. Enclosures allow using any regular TV outside.

Are outdoor TV’s safe investment?

Wherever you live, you are likely to face weather related issues throughout the year. Your TVs enemy can be rain, humidity, cold or heat. Investing in outdoor TV might not be a good decision. Also security is likely to be a major issue if you reside within an urban area. The biggest risk here to your outdoor TV is posed by local opportunists. Even local pests might cause damage to your TV set if not properly secured.

Outdoor TV enclosures

The problems that the outdoor TV tends to face in general can be solved effectively by installing a waterproof TV enclosure. With this enclosure, you can even install a less expensive, ordinary TV without fearing anything. The enclosures are constructed from waterproof materials. It also allows better insulation against cold while permits airflow thereby reducing humidity. Make sure to invest only in premium enclosures that are not only durable, but also can keep your TV safe, cool and functional.

What TV should you choose for outdoor use?

If you consider to purchase and install outdoor enclosure, then it can simply fit any TV effortlessly. Remember, the only condition here is that it needs to be well-protected by a quality weatherproof cabinet. TV brightness as referred to ‘nits’ is one aspect that you should consider. Higher nit will mean it will appear if placed in an open bright location or in direct sun. Whatever be the TV type you plan to choose to watch outdoors, do adjust the brightness, contrast and back line to derive better quality picture.

Is it possible to install indoor TV outdoors?

Indoor TVs are designed to be used inside the room and not meant to withstand harsh weather elements faced outside. But it can be used if you choose to protect it with some custom built-to-last enclosures. You should also take into consideration several environment threats such as bugs and pests.  Also take into account weather elements like sun, rain, cold, condensation, moisture as well as flying objects, etc. They do pose threats to your TV.

How to proof TV to be used outdoors?

The cabinets you plan to buy should be able to solve different types of weather problems. For this, ensure choosing custom-fit enclosures that is weatherproof. It should ensure smooth airflow thereby reducing humidity buildup inside it. Also, it should prevent water ingress. It also needs to be properly insulated to protect the TV from extreme temperatures. Once done, you can install any kind of TV that you own and watch it without any worry.

Taking care of security

This is undoubtedly an important aspect that you cannot ignore. The enclosure should come with safety locks to ensure that the TV and accessories kept inside are completely safe and secure. Also make sure that the glass screen on the enclosure is tough enough to protect the TV from wildlife. Some come with keyed locks and double metal chambers to prevent theft. If you want to watch the TV, then you just need to lift off the screen’s cover and enjoy it thoroughly.

Materials used in its construction

It is indeed a vital point that should not be skipped during the selection process. Different types of outdoor TV cabinets can be noticed to be constructed using diverse materials. The ‘tub’ or the enclosures main body generally is made from wood, plastic or metal. The top outdoor grade polymer/plastic option is however, HMWPE that has been reinforced using strategic ribbing. Find products that are built using such design and material.

Other factors to consider concerning material used

A few outdoor cabinets are created from ABS plastic that is however considered to be less durable. You may top for an enclosure created using metal like aluminum or steel. But make sure it is provided with protective powder coating. The objective here is to avoid damage and corrosion to the enclosure, thus ensuring it remains in good workable condition for a long time. Hence, outdoor TV enclosures do make the best choice and great investment!


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