Why Outsourcing Sales Support is the Key to Growing Your Business
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Entrepreneurs and executives are looking for ways to grow their businesses cost-effectively. They want to explore untapped opportunities, improve results and increase productivity. But they can’t do so when controlling every aspect of their business.

Outsourcing sales support allows your company to receive exceptional support without hiring and maintaining experts in-house. Research shows that 54% of companies use outsourced support teams to engage with their customers, while 78% feel positive about working with external sales representatives.

The outsourced sales support team infuses your company with new life, enables you to create positive disruption, and makes your brand more efficient. The partnership exploits emerging technologies that help to drive innovation, lower costs and improve user experience and overall business performance. 

Indeed outsourcing improves your sales efforts while eliminating the need to train and manage a large sales force. Here are seven additional reasons why brands outsource their sales support to maximize their return.

Reasons Why Brands Outsource Sales Support

Improve Performance

Companies add outsourced sales partners to their in-house employees to help ramp up their overall performance. The strategy allows the management to benchmark their company’s performance with the top-notch one.

Further, the outsourced sales support professionals can positively impact your internal teams by motivating them to apply the best practices. The external team brings fresh ideas, new perspectives, and insightful suggestions they have acquired through practical experiences while handling other clients. 

Undoubtedly, your company’s performance will improve, and you will gain an edge over your competitors when you outsource sales support.  

Valuable Expertise

Organizations opt to work with expertized outsourced sales support teams who are highly skilled in their field. In any case, such a team has been working with several other clients across many industries. Thus, outsourcing allows your company to draw on lessons and best practices these partners have accumulated over time.

On the other hand, your sales leaders get the help they need to develop new sales techniques and ideas and compare the internal sales representatives’ strengths with those with adequate industry experience.

Target New and Underserved Markets

Whether you’re operating a startup or an established company, recruiting enough salespeople to cover your entire industry and different territories is impossible. Apart from discovering new markets, businesses have numerous leads that their internal salesforce cannot pursue due to various constraints.

But that is not the case with an outsourced sales support agency. Unlike your external team, these experts can discover and nurture specific vertical and geographic markets for your business. 

The external partners can also help you test new sales approaches and product positioning. By fine-tuning your marketing strategy, a larger base of existing and potential customers will be able to access your products and service.   

Access Latest Technology

Access Latest Technology
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Technology is changing very fast. Some software, systems, and tools trending a decade ago are now obsolete. Organizations should consistently update their systems and adopt emerging technology to remain relevant today. 

Further, your employees require knowledge and expertise to use every new tool and get the most value out of every new technology. But that is not the case with outsourced sales support professionals because they’re familiar with sales and analytics. 

Outsourcing from agencies that have deployed state-of-the-art technology and tools helps your in-house teams access insights and training on supporting new and loyal customers throughout their journey. For instance, integrating your systems with analytical tools enables your team to prioritize customer needs.

Improve Omnichannel Customer Engagement

The outsourced sales reps are experienced in using digital channels to strengthen their omnichannel results. But most sales leaders rarely recognize the engagement opportunities that chats, messages, or social media creates for new and existing customers.

Brands that lean on outsourced partners enable their internal teams to tap proven digital engagement skills that the external sales representatives have. Such skills help the team to achieve dramatic results when they connect with customers using various platforms.

Lower Cost of Sales

Hiring, onboarding, and training a sales team is costly. You need to pay your field sales expert salary, company benefits, and travel expenses, as well as train them regularly, yet there are no guaranteed returns. 

On the other hand, you pay your outsourced sales force based on the deals they have successfully closed with new clients. In other words, you pay the outsourced sales support on a success fee basis which is very pocket-friendly. 

Knowing that you will pay an outsourcer based on their level of success motivates them to take ownership of the sales process and bring more ideas to boost their sales efforts and results.

Further, the outsourced sales management team helps companies to determine the size of sales time that the company requires. 

This is done to determine how to increase the company’s revenue and meet its other nonfinancial goals. With such expertise, sales leaders feel empowered to develop realistic strategies and use the right tools and tactics to execute them.

Breaks Out of Silos

Most internal sales teams operate in silos. They don’t collaborate with marketing, customer service, and other departments. Others don’t approach issues holistically, instead, they tend to focus on their departmental tasks.

On the other hand, the outsourced sales support team works cross-functionally to boost the overall sales execution. They’re able to meet deadlines, unlike the internal team. Additionally, the outsourcer aims to help its clients directly manage their outcomes. 

As a result, the outsourced sales professionals are better placed to work cross-functionally to boost sales and revenue.

Wrapping Up

Every business should evaluate its growth strategies and take steps to reignite its sales engine. Outsourcing sales professionals enable companies to drive revenue. 

The external team has the necessary experience and expertise to guide your sales representatives to develop realistic strategies, leverage technology, and use the right tools to expand sales coverages, slash overhead costs and save time.

Therefore every business operating during the digital-first selling era should leverage outsourced sales support since it’s an excellent way to explore untapped opportunities, save money and achieve dramatic results. Indeed the above reasons should motivate you to outsource your sales operations.  


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