VPN services have become quite popular due to their offer of enhanced privacy and security online. A VPN lets users hide their actual identity online while being able to browse, stream, shop, and do pretty much everything online.

This has given birth to numerous VPN services in the industry. And while setting up one’s own VPN service is effective, opting for a White Label solution may be better for most. Here, readers can understand why a White Label VPN is better than setting up one’s own VPN service.

What is a White Label VPN?

A White Label VPN relies upon an existing VPN infrastructure to offer VPN services to its users. One will not need to invest in new hardware or software to create a VPN network of their own. As a result, White Label VPN owners can save a significant amount of capital before starting to generate revenue.

Benefits of a White Label VPN

There are countless benefits offered by a White Label VPN service to the service provider. Prominently, these are the features that the entrepreneur can enjoy:

Save on Capital Expenses

Since a White Label VPN does not require one to set up their own servers and software or create their own VPN protocols, a White Label VPN is far more economical. A White Label VPN service provider can offer the VPN services of an existing VPN service under their own name. Thus, significant cost-saving can be enjoyed.

Less Time Consuming

Similarly, a White Label VPN can be a relatively faster process. The time needed to establish a VPN business from scratch is avoided completely. Instead, a White Label VPN business can be introduced to the clientele rather quickly. And instead of waiting for all the technicalities and formalities to be finalized, entrepreneurs can start generating revenue instantly.

Enhanced VPN Protocols

By White Labeling a VPN service, entrepreneurs can offer access to the latest and most reliable VPN protocols to their users. They will not need to develop the VPN protocols from scratch since the existing VPN service will have taken care of that already.

Less Technical Expertise Required

To develop reliable VPN protocols, one needs to hire the most efficient developers and designers. Even a single mistake in development can cause catastrophes. And since this is already done by the existing VPN service, White Labeling will be free from this process. A  technically experienced workforce will require greater compensation, and this can be minimized.

Complete Control under one Roof

When White Labeling a VPN service, entrepreneurs can acquire access to a single control panel where they can observe and manage their entire VPN operation. The control panel or dashboard will keep them updated on the VPN status, customer information, and any and all technicalities that they will need to know to keep the business thriving.

User-Friendly APIs

Billing is a major part of running any business. After all, if one does not know where, when, and how the money is going and coming, then the entire business is pointless. By White Labeling a VPN service, business owners also gain access to user-friendly APIs that automate the entire billing process. What to charge, who to charge, and how much to charge can all easily be managed with such APIs.

On a Final Note

There is a lot more that a White Label VPN can offer to both customers and entrepreneurs. And doing so is also quite easy because there are several prominent and reasonable existing VPN service providers like PureWL who are willing to dive into a White Label VPN relationship.


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