Baseball is beautiful because it doesn’t discriminate – you can either hit the fastball or you can’t. Fans have observed that players of all shapes and sizes are successful at the highest levels of the sport.

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Here are the youngest MLB players ever – now and throughout baseball history.

Who Is The Shortest Active Mlb Player?

Jose Altuve slides safely to grab another stolen base.

Jose Altuve is 5’6″ tall, making him the shortest active MLB player. Because of his height, scouts thought he lied about his age, and led Altuve to his first major league try-out. was thrown off the field.

But after signing as an Adrift free agent in 2007, he proved everyone wrong—earning an MVP title and 7 All-Star Game appearances.

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Who Is The Shortest Player In Mlb History?

To no one’s surprise, Gedell made the walk in his only career plate appearance.

But Godel’s plate appearance was just a publicity stunt. What about real baseball players?

As far as the youngest player to play in more than one professional sport, there is much debate among baseball historians.

He is followed by Pompeo “Yo-Yo” Davallillo, a 5’3″ shortstop who batted .293 through 19 games for the 1953 Washington Senators.

Other sources list Bob Emmerich (1923 Boston Braves) and Mike McCormack (1904 Brooklyn Superbass), who were all listed in the record books at 5’3″.

But those players are long gone, so there’s no way to know for sure.

Shortest Active Mlb Player

Jose Altuve (5’6″)

Altuve through his illustrious career has achieved success against all odds, garnering a growing list of accolades.

Tony Kemp (5’6″)

Despite his short stature, Tony Kemp won Freshman of the Year at Vanderbilt before being drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

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Terence Gore (5’7″)

Terence Gore turned down a football scholarship from the University of Georgia to play JUCO baseball at Gulf Coast Community College in Florida. Selected in the 20th round of the 2011 MLB Draft, Gore has made his way into the big leagues as a pinch-runner.

Marcus Strowman (5’7″)

Marcus Strowman is one of only six pitchers under 5’10” to start a major league level in the 21st century. Elected 532nd overall in 2009, he has built up quite an impressive resume in his long career.

Colten Wong (5’7″)

Colton reportedly spent two hours a day chopping down trees with an ax to build up strength for the baseball season.

Ozzy Albies (5’8″)

Ozzy Albiz lost his father in 2013. To honor his legacy, Ozzy uses his father’s teachings to reach the top of his game. To this day, Allbiz prays to his father before every major league game.

Alejandro Kirk (5’8″)

While he won’t pass the “eye test” of most scouts, Kirk is proof that if you can play, you can play.

The Blue Jays’ backstop beats obstacles every step of the way.

Cedric Mullins (5’8″)

Cedric Mullins traveled a long road from a junior college to playing in sold-out stadiums.

Two seasons later, Mullins joined the 30-30 club – destroying 30 homers and swiping 30 bases in 2021.

Ronald Torreys (5’8″)

Torreys started playing baseball at the age of 4 after watching his father play in an amateur league in Venezuela.

“My father was very important to me,” Torreys told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

You’re ready to play. You can perform at the highest level you go to.'”

Josh Harrison (5’8″)

Before starting tee ball at age 3, Harrison would use a fork and a balled-up piece of paper as a bat to play ball in his kitchen.

Josh’s brother and current MiLB coach Vince Harrison said, “He’s always wanted to get better.”

“Being a little boy in high school — not the high recruits, people watching him — I think he saw the value of hard work.”

Nick Madrigal (5’8″)

“You’ll hear words like Mighty Might, Sparkplug, and Dirt Dog,” wrote 247Sports when Madrigal was first picked in the MLB Draft.

The second baseman has been a consistent contributor to his youth career so far.

Lauri Garcia (5’8″)

Garcia signed from the Dominican Republic as an international free agent in 2007. He gradually


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