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The time-saving and efficiency-boosting features of Zoho Voice will boost the productivity of your customer contacts to new heights. Learn about the best CRM Software in Dubai and five new capabilities in Zoho Voice and how to utilize them to make your workflows more efficient.

Voicemail transcription feature 

You may rapidly convert your voicemails into text using voicemail transcription, which breaks up continuous audio into manageable written chunks. Our earlier blog post has further information about voicemail transcribing.

Voicemail drop

When an outgoing call is routed to voicemail, your agents can delete preset messages using the Voicemail Drop feature. By forgoing the requirement to leave unique voicemails for each lead they call, sales representatives who make a lot of calls to leads can save a lot of time. Even better, Zoho Voice, one of the most reliable CRM solutions in UAE and across the globe enables your agents to select and send various pre-recorded voicemails to certain prospects.

Only when the number you contact sends you to its voicemail may you delete a voicemail.

Simply select the appropriate voicemail from the list of previously uploaded pre recorded voicemails by clicking the Voice Mail Drop button on the dial pad. The call is then cut off when the selected voicemail has been sent to the recipient’s voicemail box.

How to submit a voicemail to Voicemail Drop

  • Select the Audio Files menu under Settings.
  • The Voicemail Drop tab can be selected.
  • To upload the necessary audio file, click the +Upload Audio button.
  • Give the file a suitable name.
  • Press Upload.

You can download, play, or delete your audio files from the Voicemail Drop tab.

The Voicemail Drop feature in Zoho Voice is accessible to all users within an organization. Only their own files may be uploaded and deleted by users. Supervisors and managers can, by default, only review and remove the files of users who are affiliated with them, whereas super administrators and admins have full permission to delete any audio file within the company.

Your agents can only choose and drop the audio files they’ve uploaded when making an outgoing call. Audio files uploaded by other agents cannot be dropped by them. The audio file should, by default, be under 60 seconds long. Additionally, Zoho Voice only permits 100 audio files—including IVR audio files and Voicemail Drop audio files—to be submitted to your entire organization.

Direct Call Forwarding

You may redirect incoming calls to your Zoho Voice number to any external landline number, cell number, or other Zoho Voice number with Direct Call Forwarding. Since each redirected call is handled as an outgoing call, Zoho Voice retains control over all of your forwarded calls. Calls will be captured if call recording is set for a number that transfers calls to another number up until the redirected call is disconnected.

In addition to the incoming call rates for the Zoho Voice number, outgoing call charges are also payable depending on the number to which the call is routed. Consider the scenario when you have a US number in Zoho Voice and have set up call forwarding to a US mobile phone.

How to forward calls in Zoho Voice to a different number

  • Go to Call Config and choose the Zoho Voice number you wish to configure call forwarding for before configuring call forwarding.
  • Select the Mode option from the drop-down box on the Incoming tab.
  • Choose Forward.
  • Put in the phone number to which you wish to divert incoming calls from this one.
  • Press Save.

Additionally, you can configure Call Action Handler to forward calls only when agents are unavailable or busy.

How to configure Zoho Voice to route calls outside of business hours

By setting up an Off Duty Call Action Handler, which allows you to transfer calls to any number outside of business hours, Zoho Voice takes care of your clients’ calls even beyond your office hours. If your company needs a different IVR call flow to be executed outside of business hours, then forward the call to the specific Zoho Voice number that is associated with the appropriate IVR call flow.

Direct extension dialing

When trying to reach a certain agent, your existing clients may occasionally feel imprisoned in an IVR, which causes them to wait a lengthy period or hang up the phone. They would likely enjoy a way to quickly connect with a specific agent in your company in these circumstances by dialing a designated extension number without taking up more of their valuable time.

By selecting the Dial Extension mode in Zoho Voice, you may set up a number as a Board Number and enable direct extension dialing. Your callers will be required to enter an extension when they dial this number, and they will then be instantly connected to a particular agent. Lots of your client’s time and effort are saved by this straightforward automation. Only local and toll-free numbers can be used in the dial extension mode.

Call wrap-up time

When your agents can record all the important insights gained during the conversation, the brief time they have after speaking with clients is gold. Agents frequently have to handle back-to-back calls while waiting in a call queue, thus they rush through these activities while on a live call. This detracts from their concentration and impairs the quality of the services they provide to your consumers during the conversation. Your agents will be better equipped to start the following call on the right foot if a certain period is set up for after-call tasks.

On the Users page, you can decide whether to enable or disable Call Wrap-Up Time for a certain user. You have the option of setting a call wrap-up time that ranges from one minute to ten minutes. Only when the agent is on calls allocated through Call Queues is call wrap-up time considered.

In order to provide quick and efficient interactions for both your agents and your clients, Zoho Voice is constantly releasing new features and functionality and this comes as no surprise as the Zoho One suite makes every single list when it comes to narrowing down the best CRM software in the UAE.

Zoho has created a wide range of solutions for both individuals and enterprises, making day-to-day organization simpler than ever. Businesses in the UAE may get some of the best business management tools with Prism CRM’s Zoho Consultation services, which enables them to manage clients more effectively and save time.


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