10 Best Games Like 'All-Star Tower Defense’ in Roblox 2022
10 Best Games Like 'All-Star Tower Defense’ in Roblox 2022

Roblox is a great gaming platform that allows people to create and code games for other clients and vice versa. Roblox is a hugely popular platform among both children and adults. Most of the games on the platform were created by kids.

Many of the popular All-Star Tower Defense are well-known commercially produced games that older gamers play on their home consoles.

Roblox’s vast majority of games are either very poor or extremely distasteful. Our Top 10 Roblox series continues today. All-Star Tower Defense games were created for children. Some of the games are simple and easy to use.

Top 10 Games Like ‘All-Star Tower Defense’ in Roblox

Here are the top 10 ‘All-Star Tower Defense’ on the Roblox gaming Platform:

  1. Tower Defense Simulator
  2. Anime Fighting Simulator
  3. Superhero Tower Defense
  4. Anime Tycoon
  5. Anime Battle Arena
  6. Tower Heroes
  7. Ro-Ghoul
  8. Blotch
  9. Team Tower Defense
  10. Dragon Blox Ultimate

Tower Defense Simulator

This group usually includes players who join together to fight waves of enemies until they invade or succeed on a particular map. Killing enemies earns players money that can be used for new towers and improvements to existing towers.

Versus mode allows players to team up and face multiple other teams. They will be awarded EXPs if they are defeated or win. These can be used to level up and buy coins for new towers.

Anime Fighting Simulator

There are many combat mechanics in the game, which encourage players to take on other characters. The match begins with the player being placed in a lobby full of other players.

This match is unique because you have the option to choose your own fighting style. He has some talent that he can train and cultivate. To train certain aspects of his skills, he can use numerical keys. They will make it harder, and easier, and help the player understand new techniques.

Nowadays Roblox gaming platforms have become very popular among youth. Everyone is creating their own games in Roblox and many players are playing games in Roblox. Sometimes a player wants special power in order to take some benefits in-game. They can use Roblox exploits like krnl. It is a free and very reliable exploit.

Superhero Tower Defense

This game is very similar to the All-stars tower defense. Here you will find the towers that rotate through each hour. These towers can be purchased in gold. Your gems can also be used to make purchases.

As you can see, most Towers are superheroes. You have many options, including Superman, Mysterio and Hulk, Spiderman, and many others. There are 4 game modes in this game. It’s actually quite good.

Anime Tycoon

Another Roblox game that is extremely popular is the Roblox anime game. The game’s central feature is the ability to assign a character from any anime show that the player chooses. This game lets you play your favorite anime character.

You can also play with friends and other players when you choose a character. This game adds new content regularly, such as new characters from new anime shows.

Anime Battle Arena

Another anime fighting game, it has many unique dynamics and elements that make it exciting to play. The player can also adjust and train his character in this game.

A separate rooster may be used to select an anime character. Anime Battle Arena (ABA), which features animated characters from your favorite shows, allows you to compete against other players using these characters in order to determine who is the best warrior.

Tower Heroes

This game allows you to destroy waves of enemies using towers that have been unlocked. You can also generate income by removing waves. The money you earn can be spent on towers. Each tower can clear more waves. As many towers are as possible equipped.

This is a game for defense on the ground. It’s well-produced, nonetheless. Roblox is sure to make you enjoy the gaming experience


The game is based on Tokyo Ghoul and has a cops-and-robbers RPG feel. Ghouls will try to eat NPC people, and the CCG faction must defend them.

One option is available to players: they can choose to take part in one or both. The achievement of these goals will increase their credibility and make them an elite players in the group. This is undoubtedly Roblox’s darkest and most unique anime game.


This is the game for you if you are a Bleach fanatic. It was released in 2019 and is a new RPG with a variety of show-inspired gameplay mechanics and armaments. It can be addictive to jump off roofs and descend with sword slashes to groups of enemies. Bleach fans will find the mythology of the many worlds most appealing.

Team Tower Defense

This game is about fighting off massive numbers of monsters and protecting your castles. This game allows you to have more fun playing tower defense with your friends.

Dragon Blox Ultimate

Dragon ball is a key element in anime compilations. Dragon Blox Ultimate, which has over 90 million encounters to its name, is the perfect Dragon Ball Z or Roblox remake. Between reality and its facial conceptions, there is no difference in the Saiyan animations. The enormous map also contains familiar faces, which can be very difficult.


Roblox’s compilation includes some anime influences and tower defense dynamics. In some ways, they are similar. They look very similar to All-Star Tower Defense. We are confident that you will enjoy these if you enjoyed All-Star Tower Defense.


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