Trees have many benefits, providing shade in the summer and stopping the heavy winds in the winter. And it also adds the value of your property when it is near your home. But it can be dangerous when you plant it near your home. 

It can cause damage to your roof after falling in the windy weather and can also cause the growth of algae moss on your home’s roof. So, protecting your home from falling trees would be best. This article will teach you tips for protecting your home from falling trees. Keep reading the article!

Examine and Trim Branches 

One of the effective ways to protect your home from falling trees is by examining and trimming the branches of the trees that are very close to your home. You can cut down the extra branches of the trees on your own. If you do not cut down the branches of the tree, you can get tree removal services from a professional to protect your home while cutting down the branches of the trees. 

It would be best if you trimmed the long branches because they can damage your home’s roof in different ways. 

Inspect Trees After the Storm 

You need to check the tree after the wind storm because it can cause the fall of the many branches and debris outside your home. During the storm, you need to keep an eye on the branches of the trees so that you can take immediate steps to protect your property from damage. 

The storm can root out the branches of trees and then fall them on your home’s roof, damaging your home. So, to protect your home from falling trees, you need to check the tree and their branches before and after the storm.

Monitor the Health of Your Trees 

When it comes to tree damage, it means your home can be under the problem if the tree is near your home. Even the weak tree can have a heavy negative impact on your property. So, along with looking for the dead or broken branches of the trees, you need to monitor your tree’s health to avoid the entrance of the pest inside your house. 

Further, you need to check the other problem with your tree, such as the weaknesses of the tree’s root. After the inspection, you can ensure the tree’s strength and then protect your home from damage. 

Plant Strategically 

Finally, planting the tree strategically is the most important tip to protect your house from falling. When you plant a tree, you need to adopt such a strategy, though you may not face any problems in the future. You need to consider the height and size of the tree that can be attained at the maturity level. And it would be best to plant the tree away from your house so the falling tree cannot damage your property. When the tree has more distance from your home, the green stuff such as algae and mildew will not grow on your home’s roof or outside your house. This way, you can protect your home from falling trees. 


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