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If you are living in a hot region of the world like Dubai or UAE and if you are feeling a problem with having it & want to get rid of to your this problem then an Air conditioning system is the most reliable & effective choice. The human body is more sensitive to hot temperatures as compared to low temperatures.

Hot temperature creates more irritation for a human as compared to cold. It has many more effects. At homes, small electrical appliances like box iron, washing machine, microwave oven, computers, and even lights produce a large amount of heat & at workplaces, electronic appliances like printers, scanners, and photocopy machines are responsible for the executive amount of heat which produce high temperature & humidity which cannot be acceptable at all, especially in summer seasons.

Air-conditioning is a smart & best choice to get cold air with zero humidity. The Air-condition system is a machine & like all other machines, it requires regular service & maintenance after a specific period, under some qualified technicians.

Maintenance of AC service

Maintenance of AC service is very important for any system’s performance & efficiency. It will cost much more than maintenance cost if we neglect its service & ac repairing maintenance which could be in the form of system failure & damage to its costly parts. It changes an uncomfortable environment into a pleasant one that’s a deep satisfaction for human life. The Air-condition system can be used all over the world according to the need.

Due to lack of service & maintenance, the Air condition system has to work harder to achieve its goal but it’s not possible & there is some useless “achievement” we get is high electricity bills by the increase in energy consumption & damage to the costly components like a compressor.

Neglecting the service & maintenance does not help to complete the purpose of installing an Air conditioning system because, in this state, Air conditioning cannot provide 100% performance. Hence the heat & humidity could not be removed from the occupant. When an AC system requires maintenance it can be judged by several behaviours of the Air conditioning system. These behaviours are like indications to get treatment by a patient.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 indications that show a Springs Dubai Air condition system requires some maintenance & service, which are given as follows.

1. High Humidity Levels

Removal of Humidity from the targeted room of the house or office is one of the main purposes of an Air conditioning system. After some time of switching On an Air conditioning system, you feel sticky or there is water pooling around the windows it’s an indication that the Springs Dubai of Air condition system requires a service & maintenance session by some experts of it.

2. Weird Noises

A well-maintained air condition system does not produce any type of noise except a sleepy noise which is due to airflow. If you notice any other extra noise while the Air condition is in an operational state it’s not normal. You should contact some qualified experts in Air conditioning because it’s an indication that your Air conditioning needs service & maintenance.

3. Blowing Hot Air

People install Air conditioning on their properties to have comfort by getting cool air. If the Air-condition is not giving that cool air or the cooling of air is not enough according to its set temperature it means that the Air conditioning needs an urgent appointment by some technicians for its service &maintenance.

4. Unusual Smells

The Air coming from the indoor unit of a well-maintained air condition system does not have an unpleasant smell. If you ever notice a strong, pungent smell coming out from the indoor unit of the Air conditioning system, it may indicate that the wired insulation in the system is burned, which is a matter about which we should be conscious. In this type of situation, we should turn off the air conditioner immediately and call some experts for its maintenance. Another possible reason for the unusual smell is the dirty filter and the growth of some microbial in the Air condition which could be solved by its service & maintenance.

5. High Energy consumption

An ideal air condition works well on the specific energy level that’s consumed by it. If you get some extra electricity bills it’s an indication that your Air condition requires some proper repair service & maintenance that can be done by technical experts. High energy consumption is due to the harder work that an Air condition has forcibly to do because of some technical problems due to lack of cleanness.

The main purpose of AC services is to give cool air and to remove humidity from the room. When an Air condition is not working properly it will not blow cool air & does not remove humidity from the room hence it has to work harder to get low temperature so it consumes more energy for getting its purpose but it fails and the result is only high electricity bills. To make an Air conditioning system work properly it should have AC maintenance on time.


Like every electrical machine, service & maintenance of Air-condition is compulsory. A well-maintained air conditioner is not only good in performance but also has a long life as compared to poorly maintained systems. The purpose of service & maintenance is to clean the system and do some repairing to its parts if they need it.

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