What is AMWKToken about? In this breaking news Bitcoin is passing $60.000, Ethereum passing $3.300 which is likely to be the start of the new bullrun and a serious contender for the All-Time-Heights (ATHs), but as always the main question should be what is causing all of this? Even though we have had good news for crypto currencies in general recently and we expect a new halving around April this year, the biggest heat comes from Amazon deciding to make their own, native digital token which is starting in the pre-sale stage now.

Users can get the Amazon token and use it within the Amazonwallet to get products cheaper on Amazon once the official public roll-out begins. During the pre-sale it is still possible to hold and exchange the tokens and you can get up to 100% bonus tokens as well, which is a unique one-time offer. Amazon is planning to use the AMZ Token as a payment method within all their stores and services. While this feature is currently not available, the Amazonwallet is already available to be used to hold the tokens. A listing within major exchanges is expected to happen during this year, likely all the big ones will list AMZ on day one of their public release given the name of the brand behind it.

Amazon was already planning to move more towards digital marketplaces and utilizing their own token for that as we had plenty of rumors for this before. Their plan should also be a bridge to get more casual customers interested in crypto currencies which has always been a big issue. The AMZ Token is valued 1 USD right now and this price will be fixed and not changed until the public sale launches which is expected to run in 3-4 months. Keep in mind that once the public sale runs that the bonus offers will be removed and AMZ Tokens can only be purchased for their market values. In addition to that the volume is still pretty low as it is only the pre-sale stage and there is a volume limit in place to avoid too many sign-ups.

The world’s biggest online store in the world integrating crypto currencies will likely cause the interest of other companies to follow, Meta and X come to mind. With more and more of these companies adapting and building systems around blockchains it is likely to expect that we will pass the $69.000 mark for Bitcoin relatively soon and that we are still far from the end of this journey. Amazon is the first to have the vision of a real usecase for such crypto currencies and their plans are something we want to observe for the next months to see how that goes. The risks are high as we had and always have many crypto related projects which end up becoming a failure but there is also an advantage with having a strong name, fundamentals, setup and structure combined with the real utility which could end up becoming the first crypto token which will be widely expected, even by those who were doubting coins and tokens in general.


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