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Himachal, also known as Dev Bhoomi which means “Land of Gods” and Veer Bhoomi which means “Land of the Brave”, is the northernmost state in India which shares its boundaries with T Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Uttara Pradesh. Himachal also shares an international border with Tibet in China. 

Himachal is a mountainous region. And due to these elevations, the state witnessed extreme climatic conditions. The climate varies from hot and humid in certain regions to cold and chilly in the upper region of Himachal. The whole state is crisscrossed by various water bodies, be it waterfalls, lake,s or rivers. 

Himachal is also known as the Fruit Bowl of India due to widespread orchards all over the state. And the state also has a large variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Himachal offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The state animal and the state bird of the state are the snow leopard and Jujurana respectively, which are very rare to find. 

Dev Bhoomi is a very terrific and beautiful place, a place you won’t ever forget. A place is full of astonishing and gigantic mountains. Heaven on Earth itself. 

So, below is a list of beautiful places you can visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Beas Kund Trek

With an elevation of 12,772 ft, this trek is one of the most famous treks around Manali. It is a trek to the source of the river Beas. Beas Kund has a legend, which states that Rishi Vyas, the writer of the Mahabharata, took his daily bath in this Kund. The term Beas has been derived from Vyas meaning sage and Kund meaning lake. The Kund holds a very important historic value for saints, hermits, and Hindus. This trek is legit very picturesque. Lush-green meadows just below the three big summits, and hidden in the meadows and grasslands, is the Beas Kund. The treks take about 4-5 days and are worth every step. The fruit this trek will bear is a beautiful memory with you forever. 


A small plateau in the Himalayas, surrounded by dense pine and deodar forests. The town is located near Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, around 24 Kms from Dalhousie. It is situated in the foothills of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges. Khajjiar has a topographical resemblance with Switzerland and hence is also known as the “Mini Switzerland of India”. There are a lot of places to see in Khajjiar for example the famous Khajjiar Nag Temple, which is dedicated to the Nag Devta, Khajjiar Kalatop Sanctuary, and Khajjiar Lake which is surrounded by meadows. 


It is a tribal district located at a distance of 240 Kms from the capital, New Shimla. Trust me, it is one of those places which will leave you spellbound by its beauty. Kinnaur Kailash peak is located in this region, and at the peak of the Kinnaur Kailash, is a beautiful Shivling. It is a mountainous region that goes to an elevation of 22,400 ft. And due to these high elevations, the region experiences cold and chilly weather for the most of the year. The region is likely to be covered in a snow blanket for 4-5 months of the year, as Kinnaur receives a high amount of snowfall. The apples produced by this district are very much in demand because of their rich quality. There are a lot of, and I mean a lot of places you can visit in Kinnaur. Kalpa, Sangla, Chitkul, Bhabhanagar, Peo, Tranda Dhank, Nako, Rackham, Batseri, Pooh, Kamru, Nichar, Khab, and many many more.

Hampta pass Trek

Most considerable trek in the Himalayas. With a height of 14000 feet, the trek route covers beautiful flora, forests, grasslands, and awesome fauna. It is situated between the Chandra valley of Lahaul and the Kullu district in Dev Bhoomi. The best time to complete this trek is between June to October. This trek will transform your life. Green meadows on your trail will give you your fair share of peace. SO. The journey starts from Manali. Manali to Chikka is 2.5 Kms. Then comes the first hike, which is from Chikka to BHALU KA GHERA, which takes about 5-6 hours, and is as astonishing as ever. Then from Bhalu ka Ghera to the main Hampta pass is about an 8-9 hours trek. Then from the main pass, we have a trek of about 4-5 hours to visit the Chandratal. In the middle of the trek is a place called CHATRU, which is the epicenter of three beautiful locations, i.e., Hampta pass, Rohtang pass, and Spiti valley. Everybody must trek, you’ll love trekking.

Himachal is a very beautiful place, a place you can never forget. There are many more places you can visit in Himachal. A lot more beautiful and a lot more scenic.  


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