Spiti Valley is a region of high altitude in the northeastern region of Himachal Pradesh within the Himalayas. Spiti includes the region of the valley that feeds into the Spiti river, as well as other rivers which feed in the Spiti river. The term “Spiti” is a reference to “the middle country” i.e. the land that lies between India with Nepal. The region is adorned with stunning terrain and stunning landscapes. The harsh desert is rough and barren but stunning. Gorgeous monasteries, ravishing forests, and lush hamlets are just a few of the hundreds of things that decorate the valley.

It’s adorned with a variety of places to go and see. Here’s a list of the places you can visit at Spiti Valley:


Visits to places to go to in Spiti Valley

1. Monasteries: for a religious experience

a) Key monastery

The principal monastery, which is situated at an altitude of 4112m is one of the most prestigious gompas that is famous for its gorgeous Buddha shrine, manuscripts from the past, and paintings and books. It is a fort-like structure and includes an assembly hall as well as a Tengyur room. It is a well-known attraction of Spiti.

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b) Lhalung Monastery

Lhalung Monastery is also an ancient monastery that was founded by a Buddhist monk. With 9 shrines, it is regarded as a center of Buddhist instruction and is known as”the Golden Temple because of its decor with golden leaf idols located on the shrine.

c) Tabo monastery

Tabo monastic site is an old area located in Tabo monastery an ancient site in Spiti Valley. It has 9 temples that are a part of Tara along with Buddha Maitreya and is decorated with intriguing features, including stucco sculptures amazing wall paintings, and other works that are based on the theme of Buddha.

d) Gandhola Monastery

A 900-year-old Gandhola Monastery is a famous monastery that is famous for its wooden shrines and idols made of wood. It is located at the junction between Chandra as well as Bhaga.

2. Sightseeing

a) Chandratal

A lake that has deep blue reflections from the mountains and sky that extends into the deepest parts, Chandratal is one of the most beautiful places within Lahaul, Spiti. Chandratal’s name is due to its crescent moon-shaped form. The sparkling waters are set against lush vegetation.

b) Suraj Tal

Another stunning lake, Suraj Tal offers a tranquil atmosphere in a quiet setting. It is situated near the baralacha La Pass. It is frequented by urbanites who are nature-lovers at heart.

c) Dhankar Lake

Lakes are visited to welcome nature and to feel the flow of life in the water of the river. Dhankar Lake is worth a visit not just for its scenic beauty but also because of its difficult journey. It will introduce you to stunning mountains in their full splendor.

3. Enthralling Mountain Passes

a) Baralacha La Pass

The pass is well-known all over the world and widely, and it is known to many. Baralachala pass is among the most frequented routes within the Himalayas. Baralachala Pass is the junction of roads between Lahaul and Ladakh located on the highway Manali-Leh in Zanskar. It is among the most difficult passes for those who are adventurous and provides a thrilling boost of adrenaline.

4) Kibber

Kibber is a gorgeous town in the spiti valley area with huts and homes set up uniquely near each other. A lot of tourists visit it because of their curiosity and admiration the hamlet is some of the best stunning sights to behold.


5) Losar

Losar is located at the confluence between Peeno along with Losar streams. It is located very close to the Indo-China border. The breathtaking charm of the village as well as its charming location and setting leave one in awe, admiration, and love.


6) Pin Valley National Park

If you’re a naturalist and a flora and flora lover, you must visit Spiti Valley National Park when you are in Spiti Valley. It is a bio preserve of endangered and rare animals and plants. It is among the most thrilling spots in Spiti valley that is awash with beautiful animals that have their tales to share with the world.


7) Komik

Komik is the most awe-inspiring village that has an accessible motorway. It’s located about 20km away from Kaza which is also a tiny beautiful beauty in a valley that is similar to Spiti. The town is situated at 18000 feet above sea level, and it feels like the best of both worlds. It’s a hiker’s dream as well as a camper’s fantasy. However, be prepared for the brutal and harsh weather that will be a part of the small village that sits on top of the mountain.

Kunzum Pass

In between the Kunzum Range, situated at an altitude of 4590m, Kumzum pass bridges the gap between Kullu and Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley. There are vibrant Buddhist flags all over the trail.


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