Emergency Electrical Problems that Require Professional Services

Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of our times. It revolutionized everything from industries and businesses to households and provided us with benefits that cannot be counted. However, it also has serious risks associated with its usage. Domestic and commercial users have to ensure that their electrical installations are safe for occupants and employees as well. Research shows that more than 90 % of fire hazards around the world are because of electrical accidents. The number of electrical problems, which can result in either an unsafe environment or the inability to use electricity, are countless. We will mention a few below which should be resolved by an Emergency Electrician Harrow.

Faulty or Old Wiring

If there is one thing in an electrical network that is required by every electric installation or appliances then it is quality wiring. Properly installed and high-quality wiring ensures that your electric network does not suffer from short-circuiting, electric failures, burning of appliances, or overloading of your electric circuit. Faulty wiring can damage your appliances and also endanger lives and assets. Short-circuiting is often the cause of fire hazards and can even turn out to be fatal. The British standard BS 7671 pertains to wiring and recommends period inspection of your wiring to identify low-quality wiring and therefore replace it. Although it is not a statutory requirement but another law, “The landlord and tenant Act 1985” makes it obligatory for landlords to keep the tenants safe. If you are facing wiring issues like sparking, short-circuiting, or buzzing sounds, you should get in touch with an emergency electrician.

Unannounced Power Outages

A planned and scheduled power outage is not something to worry about but if that happens in the middle of the night without any announced schedule and you are the only house suffering from it, it is time to call an emergency electrician. Power outages can also occur because of a storm but the public authorities will most probably resolve that. For unidentifiable power outages, you can hire a professional electrician. For instance, if you live in Harrow and there is no scheduled outage, instead of trying any DIY adventure, hiring an Emergency Electrician Harrow will be a better idea.

Faulty Fuse Box

The fuse box works to ensure the safety of your entire electrical network. However, if the fuse box is not of the right size, it is old, or you have recently added an electric circuit such as in the case of house extension, then you might require Consumer Unit Upgrades.  The old style fuse boxes do not work well with new appliances and installations. The modern ones are more effective and offer a much higher degree of protection. Frequent burning of fuses is an indication that your fuse box needs to be replaced or upgraded. Always hire the services of certified electricians when it comes to upgrading your consumer unit.

Fluctuations and Flickering Lights

If the supply of electricity to your home is not constant or there is a sudden rise/fall in voltage, you will experience flickering lights and different noises from your electrical appliances. Several things such as improper or old wiring, excessive moisture in your electrical network, etc can cause this.  If only one or two lights are flickering, the issue may be localized and replacing the lights will resolve this problem. However, it is widespread, you may want to get your entire home inspected by a NECEIC certified electrician.

Faulty Appliances and Accessories

At times, the sockets or plugs may need replacement. A common sign is that you have to move the appliance plugs many times before it switches on. This can also damage your electrical appliances. Plugging the electrical appliance in another socket can reveal if it is a problem with the appliance or the socket. Worn out or damaged sockets should not be used and should be replaced right away. However, if your appliances such as electric ovens, air conditioners, etc are not working, they should be inspected by a qualified electrician.

Safety Tips

  1. If you experience sparking and it does not stop, switch of the appliance you are using. 
  2. Consumer unit upgrades can protect your appliances and you.
  3. Know how you can cut of the main supply to your home. In case there is a fire, switching of main supply is the first thing you should do.
  4. Not all fire extinguishers are built for putting out electrical fires. You need special ones.
  5. Let a certified electrician inspect your entire home once a year. It would save you from unnecessary repairs and emergencies.
  6. Always hire NECIEC certified electricians.


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