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Chromebooks are first-rate because they don’t require a massive hard pressure, however there are some cases wherein this will be a difficulty as well. Since modern Chromebooks can installation a massive wide variety of apps from more than one sources, they can top off speedy.

Currently, you may deploy Android apps from the Google Play Store, Chrome apps, and Linux apps. Therefore, garage space can become a issue very quickly. And with streaming offerings like Netflix so that you can down load your preferred movies and indicates for offline playback, you may be faced with a tool that does not have enough area for everything you need.

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Luckily, it is clean to uninstall apps you no longer use from your Chromebook, irrespective of wherein they came from.

Table of Contents

How to Remove Apps from Chromebook

How to Delete Android Apps on Chromebook

How to Remove Apps from HP Chromebook

How to Remove Apps from Samsung Chromebook

How to Remove Apps from Asus Chromebook

How to Remove Apps from Acer Chromebook

How to Remove Apps from Dell Chromebook

How to put off YouTube from Chromebook

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook Through the App Drawer

How to Uninstall Apps on Chromebook thru Play Store

How To Remove Apps From Chromebook

Every Chromebook comes with a pre-established internet store. When you download an app from the Chrome Web Store, it will be automatically saved to your device.

If you discover which you’re no longer the usage of a specific app and it’s time to remove it, Chromebooks make this an smooth procedure. Here’s how to get rid of an app from a Chromebook:

The first step is to find a small circle in the decrease left nook of the display. 

When you click on at the “Launcher” icon, a panel will seem at the lowest of the screen. Click at the center arrow pointing up.

You’ll see a listing of all the apps for your Chromebook. If you have got a whole lot of apps, you’ll ought to scroll up and down to see all of them. Finally, choose the software you want to cast off.

Right-click on the app and pick out “Remove from Chrome” from the menu.

Again, pick “Delete”.

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How To Delete Android Apps On Chromebook

We have mentioned how to delete an app you downloaded from Chrome Web Store. This is pretty crucial because each Chromebook has access to the Chrome Web Store.

However, Chromebooks manufactured after 2017 also have access to Android apps. In truth, if you got your Chromebook after 2017, you will notice that it comes with the Play Store pre-installed on the Home panel.

This means that Chromebook customers have access to any Android app, just as they could on their cellphone or tablet.

The technique to remove an Android app from a Chromebook is just like the system downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, with moderate differences. Is that the way it works:

Click at the circle in the lower left nook.

Then click the up-pointing arrow inside the panel at the lowest of the screen.

Right-click on at the application you need to eliminate.

Now choose “Uninstall”.

Once once more, affirm by means of choosing “Uninstall”.

That’s the most effective difference: it will say “Uninstall” in preference to “Remove from Chrome”. The app might be automatically removed from your Chromebook.

How To Remove Apps From Hp Chromebook

HP Chromebooks are stylish, affordable, and flexible. If you have got an HP Chromebook, it shouldn’t take quite a number seconds to eliminate an app.

Regardless of whether you’re deleting the Chrome app or the Android app, the system can be the same except for the remaining step. This is what you do:

In the lower left corner of the Home screen, click on the small circle. A pop-up panel will seem at the lowest of the screen.

Select the arrow pointing up and permit it expand. You will see a listing of all of your packages.

Right-click on at the application and pick “Remove from Chrome” or “Uninstall”.

Confirm your selection inside the subsequent pop-up window.

How To Remove Apps From Samsung Chromebook

Samsung offers a extensive variety of Chromebooks with regards to display screen length and reminiscence. Some of them even have a touch display feature.

Whatever you have got, if you need to take away an app you not need, it is a truthful system.

Expand your launcher by using clicking the circle icon inside the lower left corner of the screen.

By clicking the up arrow inside the launcher, you’ll see all the apps in your Chromebook.

Right-click on the application you no longer want. In the menu, pick out “Remove from Chrome” or “Uninstall”Select “I” if it’s far an Android utility.

Once you affirm your desire, the app might be removed in a 2d or .

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How To Remove Apps From Asus Chromebook

Asus Chromebooks are a few awesome options for college kids, and their Chromebook Flip collection is in particular precise.

However, when including and putting off apps, the Asus Chromebook does the same component as third-birthday celebration Chromebooks. This is what you need to do to do away with the app from Asus Chromebook:

Access all apps by way of clicking the circle icon in the lower left corner. When the Launcher seems, click the up arrow within the middle.

Scroll up or down until you find the software you want to put off.

Right-click on on the utility after which choose “Remove from Chrome” or “Uninstall” in case you are casting off an application from Android.

When brought about, verify your selection.

How to Remove Apps from Acer Chromebook

Acer is some other emblem that produces terrific and cheap Chromebooks. If Acer made your Chromebook and also you need to dispose of an app you not use, here’s what to do:

Click on the circle in the decrease right corner. After that click at the up arrow on the home panel.

Find the app you plan to get rid of. Right click on the app.

In the menu, select “Remove from Chrome” or “Uninstall” if it’s an Android software.

Select “Remove” or “Uninstall” again to confirm.


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