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The Japanese anime industry has a huge market. It has been around for many decades and has produced hundreds upon hundreds of incredible shows. It can be hard to find the right place to start watching anime. There are so many options. We understand how you feel. Here’s a list of some of the best classic anime shows. There’s something for everyone – comedy, action, science-fi, and more. Get creative and discover your favorite show.

5 Classic Anime Series

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is the newest anime series on the list available on Animixplay In fact, it’s still being produced with the final season scheduled to air in 2023. It has been a certified classic and is still being talked about as one of the most important anime series ever (though we will reserve judgment until the last series airs). Wit Studio produced the first three seasons, and then MAPPA Studio produced the fourth and final.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe where giant humanoid titans have driven humans to the brink of extinction. To protect themselves from the titans’ bloodthirsty, the small human population built a huge wall. It worked for 100 years before anyone was able to breach the walls. Eren, a young boy, sees his mother being eaten by a titan. He vows to kill them all. It’s a never-ending adventure and action filled with intrigue.


Bleach is a classic anime series that you can really enjoy and which doesn’t have a lot of episodes. The series ran from 2004 to 2012. It has a total of 366 episodes. There are some series that have more episodes than Bleach (we’re thinking of you, Pokemon), however, Bleach still ranks in the top echelons for episode count.

Bleach tells Bleach the story of Kurosaki Ichigo – a high school student who accidentally gains the ability to see ghosts. The Hollow, an evil spirit trying to devour human souls, attacks Ichigo’s family. Rukia Kuchiki rescues the family and Ichigo agrees that he will train to be a Soul Reaper. Ichigo vows to defeat the Hollows and gathers friends to help him. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War will be the last installment of the manga and concludes the story.

Code Geass

Code Geass is a great character because he forces you to think about morality and what you would do if you were in the same position as the characters. What would you do if absolute obedience was your power? Lelouch Lamperouge is forced to answer this question.

The Holy Britannian Empire was established in 2010 and has conquered Japan. It is now using its power to oppress the Japanese people. Lelouch was a prince of the Britannian Empire when he was born. However, he lost his claim to the empire after the brutal murder his mother. When he’s caught in a battle between the two armies he vows to fight back. However, he’s saved by a mysterious girl named CC who gives him the Power of the Kings or the power of absolute obedience. The anime series was popular for its amazing action sequences and excellent dialogue. Syncler offers it for free.

Lupin III

Okay, here’s the deal about Lupin III: There is so much to it. The story is not complicated, but the franchise is a vast collection of anime, manga series, films, live-action movies and video games. It began as a Monkey Punch manga in 1967. In 1971, it was made into an anime TV series by Hayao Miyazaki. Lupin III, the grandson of Arsene Lupin, is the main character. He is a master criminal and stylish thief who enjoys exploits and action.

Lupin III is well-known for its influence. It was the first anime series to portray the criminal world of violence and guns. Shinichiro Watanabe said that Lupin III was an inspiration for Cowboy Bebop’s creation. While you can enjoy any of the franchise series and offshoots, we recommend that you go back to the original to learn more about the history of anime today.

One Piece

This anime series is a pirate tale with an interesting twist. We think of pirates when we hear them mentioned in media. They are usually old, gritty, one-legged men who have parrots on their shoulders and a penchant to bury treasure and wickedness. One Piece turns that idea on its head, placing a 17-year-old boy named Monkey D. Luffy as the pirate in the middle of the story. He is a pirate with a passion for adventure and wonder. Luffy gained the ability to use rubber after he ate what is called a Devil Fruit.

Luffy and his crew set out to find the ultimate treasure, known as “One Piece”, which was discovered by Gol D.Roger just before his death. This show has been aired over 1,000 times, so you can see that Luffy did not find the amazing treasure as quickly as he expected. One Piece, produced by Toei Animation is a classic anime series.

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Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 is our favorite anime. It stands out among the rest of this list because it is a comedy with a touch of romance. It follows the fortunes and struggles of two families: the Tendoes and the Saotomes. Both the curse affects their family members and friends. A cursed person can morph into another creature if they are exposed to cold water. They cannot morph back if they are exposed to hot water. Some members transform into animals, such as ducks, pigs, and pandas. But Ranma Saotome becomes a red-headed pigtailed girl.

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Ranma is a top-class fighter, so it’s not a great idea for him to become a girl. Ranma’s fiancée, Akane Tendo, is also not happy about it. Ranma’s father transforms into a panda, adding insult to injury. The search for a cure begins, with plenty of wild action.


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