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Kollywood refers to the Tamil film industry.

Download Free Tamil Movies and TV Shows

While some sites engage in illegal downloads of Tamil movies, others provide legitimate selections with quality films available for downloads of different qualities and without annoying ads.

YouTube, the popular video streaming service, also offers a selection of Tamil films; however, be aware that the service does not permit anyone to upload copyrighted material without authorization; therefore you may not find as many Tamil flicks there as expected.

Chennai offers everything from romantic dramas to thrilling horror flicks, so there is sure to be something for everyone in its cinematic offering. While most films are dubbed in English, more Tamil-language films have also seen an increase. One such Tamil-language film follows Veerayya as he fights tirelessly to support his son’s dream of flying an airplane; its heartwarming tale depicting fatherly devotion will surely impress fans of all genres alike.

Watch Tamil Movies Online

Digital streaming makes watching Tamil movies online easier than ever, from subscription services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to free platforms such as YouTube and MX Player – audiences now have more ways than ever before to enjoy their films while supporting the industry and its creators.

No matter your taste in film, these sites provide all of the latest releases in Tamil cinema to entertain you and provide a great way to unwind with friends or enjoy a romantic date night alone.

Hungama is one of the premier websites for streaming Tamil movies online. Offering both free and premium subscription options, its user interface is user-friendly, allowing users to filter movies based on genre and popularity – with an additional search bar so users can quickly locate specific titles. Furthermore, this site is available both in Tamil and English for further convenience; however users should be wary that piracy may occur on these platforms and should therefore be mindful of potential legal repercussions when accessing content online.

Tamil Movie Reviews

This page hosts reviews of Tamil movies. Our team of critics and audiences alike has reviewed them, rating each based on criteria such as story, acting, direction and more. We hope you will find these reviews useful when making your choice of a Tamil movie to watch!

An inspiring father’s unwavering devotion to his son and determination to pursue his dreams will take him on an unforgettable journey of love and selflessness. A heartwarming tale about the power of affection.

Captain Miller is an action-packed tale about survival during Kerala floods of 2018. Starring Jude Anthany Joseph and Tovino Thomas as main protagonists with Asif Ali, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Kunchacko Boban and Archana Menon also playing key supporting roles, Captain Miller also features Ajay Devgan who believes he’s Captain Miller’s reincarnation and attempts to use this power for good – yet fails in doing so.

Tamil Movie Trailers

Movie trailers or teasers are short video clips designed to draw audiences in and increase anticipation about an upcoming film, often lasting no more than 60 seconds. Their main distinction from trailers lies in that teasers tend to focus more on visuals and dialogue lines while trailers will give more information about the full length film.

Tamil movie trailers have long been known to create great excitement among audiences. Unfortunately, however, not every trailer promises the same experience when it comes time to viewing an actual film.

As such, it is crucial that when making movie trailers one pays close attention to all of the factors at play; this distinguishes a good trailer from those which don’t deliver. Below are ten of the best Tamil movie trailers and teasers which left an unforgettable impactful message with audiences.


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