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There are many different ways to send messages that only certain people can understand, and you and your best friend might use different methods than other friends would use, but this doesn’t mean that their methods wouldn’t work for you, or that yours wouldn’t work for them. Here are four different ways to create secret messages that are exclusive to only you and your best friend.

Step 1: Figure out the key

The first step to creating a secret message is figuring out the key. This is the code that you and your best friend will use to decipher the message. To come up with a key, you can use inside jokes, special memories, or anything else that only the two of you would know. Once you have the key, write it down somewhere safe so you don’t forget it! Then take each letter of the key and substitute it for its corresponding letter in the alphabet. For example, if your key was Muffin, you would replace every letter in your secret message with M.

Step 2: Decide what you want your message to say

Do you want to share a secret with your best friend? Maybe you have something important to tell them, but you don’t want anyone else to know. Or maybe you just want to send them a silly message that only the two of you will understand. Either way, creating a secret message is a fun way to communicate with your best friend. If you’re sharing a secret, then it’s probably good if they don’t already know what it is! If you’re sending a silly message, then make sure that it has nothing in common with anything else in your messages (and definitely avoid using any words or phrases which are similar to those used in other messages). Remember: One person should write out the secret message while the other person tries to figure out what it says!

Step 3: Translate your message into letters

To create a secret message, first think of what you want to say. Once you have your message, translate it into letters. To do this, you can use a simple code like A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on. Or, you can get creative and make up your own code. Once you have your coded message, write it down on a piece of paper or send it to your friend via text or email.

Step 4: Place your letters in secret places

Now that you have your secret message, it’s time to start hiding it! The best way to keep your message safe is to put the letters in secret places. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tape the letters under your best friend’s desk.
  • Hide the letters in your best friend’s backpack.
  • Put the letters in a secret spot in your room. For example, place them behind one of your favorite books on your bookshelf or stack them inside a box hidden in the back of your closet.
  • Write the secret message on paper and then tape it to an object like a lamp post or traffic light so that only people walking by can see it.
  • Create an origami animal out of paper with the secret message written on its belly for someone to find.


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