Apple TV can be counted as the most practical device to Apple customers. Well! Apple has been constantly developing their products, and even modified to increase their efficiency and users’ ease of use. With the newer generation or models Apple TV has started to provide an App Store, with the aid of which users are able to just access different applications.

But, there are many users who would like to remove the applications on Apple TV. We’ve always been happy to assist you and wrote numerous posts in the past that were on Apple TV. Without straying from this custom We would like to familiarize you about how to remove apps from Apple TV. Let’s get started without further than a few clicks. Also Read: how much does it cost to ship a tv

Can I delete an application removed from Apple TV of any Generation?

Before we proceed further and go on to learn how to delete an application off of Apple TV, you should be informed of this. We’d like to point out to your awareness that not all Apple TV generation or model supports this function. 

In simpler words, you are not able to delete apps for Apple TV of earlier generation which include Apple TV 1st generation, 2nd generation, and 3rd generation. The models released in the year 2015 and beyond let you delete apps. This includes Apple TV 4th generation and Apple TV 4K. 

The new models come with an App Store, with the aid of which users can delete and install apps by hand. For older models and versions of Apple TV it is possible to remove the apps, instead of taking them off Apple TV. Therefore, if you’d like to understand both of these techniques, just look down and find the suitable information.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV 4

You can remove the apps on the Apple TV in two ways that are to delete them from the Home Screen and deleting those by using the Settings that are on your TV. We’ll go over each step in detail. Explore further to learn the step-by-step guide.

Removing apps from the Home Screen

Step 1: Start by getting your remote and choose the app you wish to remove. When you select an app to delete, simply swipe it down or up according to the app’s location. Stop moving the remote until you locate the app.

Step 2 – Once you have selected the app you want to use, press the touchpad on your remote till you notice that the app you’ve selected starts to shake.

Step 3 – If it shakes, you’ll receive a prompt to press the Play/Pause button to remove the app. Repeat the process and confirm deletion by pressing the “Delete.

Step 4 – Finally you can click the “Remove” button, and the application will be removed on Apple TV. Apple TV. Then, follow the exact steps if you wish to delete several apps.

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Uninstalling apps from Settings

Step 1: Begin by opening the “Settings” app for your device.

Step 2 – Now select the “General Option.

Step 3 – Next you will need to select the “Manage Storage option which is located under the ‘Usage Option.

Step 4 – You will now notice a trash or bin icon beside the apps. Start clicking on this icon next to which app you want to delete.

Step 5 – In the end, click on ‘Delete’ button to confirm the deletion

Hide Apps from the previous generation of Apple TVs

After you have learned how to remove applications on Apple TV of newer generations. We now need to know how to hide apps that were previously available on earlier models of TV. Here are the steps to follow.

The steps are very like the steps to delete from the Home Screen guide.

Step 1. Step 1 – On your Home Screen Choose and highlight an app that you would like to remove.

Step 2. Press down on the surface that is touch-sensitive on the remote, and then allow the app to move.

Step 3 – You will be again asked to press the Play/Pause button. Press the button and choose ‘Delete or Hide’. If you want to get the apps back, you can do this with the help of ‘Settings’ from the main menu.

If you cannot delete apps on Apple TV, or the App stuck or freezing on your TV, try Tenorshare ReiBoot, an easy TV os repairing tool to help you fix any system problems in Apple TV without losing any data.

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We hope that you’ve understood the steps to remove the application out of Apple TV by now with using the instructions that we provided above. Unfortunately, people with Apple TVs that were made prior to models of 2015 cannot delete the apps by themselves.

with these models, apps are downloaded by Apple itself periodically. I hope you enjoyed this article and gained some insight with what you need. What do you have to be waiting for? Follow these steps and begin eliminating apps from Apple TV if you own Apple TV 4 or 4K.


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