The Denver Nuggets had a pretty rough 2021 – 22 season in the NBA. The team once again lost in the first round of the playoffs, despite Nikola Jokic playing out of his mind. The two-time MVP quite simply ran out of steam and teammates, as more and more players succumbed to injuries as the season progressed.

Now, the Nuggets are at a major crossroads. How are they going to improve their team in the offseason? Will they be banking on their returning players to improve? Or will they go for new weapons in the market. At the very least, Jokic will get one returning player for the season, as Jeff Green has decided to pick up his player option.

Jeff Green’s return to the Nuggets has two interesting positives for Nikola Jokic and co. First and foremost, Green brings a sense of stability to the team. While he’s far past his prime, the forward is still a serviceable asset to the team, thanks to his defense and outside shooting.

In the long run, though, Green picking up his player option gives the Nuggets ample room to make a major trade in the offseason. Having the forward in their payroll makes him a potential trade asset in the future. Considering the current makeup of their roster, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them pull off a stunner in the off-season.

This is now make-or-break time for the Nuggets. They have one of the most dominant offensive forces in league history on their side. Can they find a way to maximize his prime and win a championship?


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