What Space Movie Was Made in 1992
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Don’t Google “What space movie was made in 1992.” Well, since you already have, let’s see what this internet joke is all about. 

So here’s the deal. There’s been a racist joke that’s been rolling around Reddit. The trollers ask you now to Google “what space movie was made in 1992”. They play reverse psychology tricking you to Google this term. 

Upon Googling “what space movie was made in 1992”, here is what the results show you. 

Well, well, well. This is the joke. Some racists that have no respect for humanity, are “trolling” Reddit users by tricking them into googling this term. 

Internet Jokes

Each passing day, you see someone on the internet start a trend where they ask someone to Google something and when they do, they’re tricked. Most of the time, the jokes are funny and appreciable. 

When this joke first came, out some people were enjoying it and having laughs. Meanwhile, others were getting angry at the racist intent of the joker. They backlashed the Redditor with a lot of hate comments and labeled them racist. 

Who Started this Joke?

The origins of this internet joke are unknown. Some say that it was someone from Reddit who first started this joke while others believe that it was Brian Redban who asked the internet (on the Joe Rogan Podcast) not to Google what space movie was made in 1992. 

The Space Movie that Came Out in 1992

Now that we know it’s a racist joke, let’s dive deep into what this film is about. Later in this article, we’ll talk deep into what the movie means, the significance of the title, and much more.

The film (we can’t write the title here because NSFW and extra racist and homosexual) was made in 1992, that’s for sure. What happens in the film is that there are some Extraterrestrial being that are on a mission to free men from females so that they can another words where there are only men – a homosexual society. 

Overall the Film is mainly comedy. It does make some good racist and homosexual jokes but they’re not disrespectful. If we were to put the film in one line, it’d be “A Gay-Friendly Comedy space film”. 

Who Is This Film For?

Well, forget the joke. Let’s talk about the film lol. If you’re black and has a good sense of humour, definitely watch this film. 

The film has black actors, one of them comes to earth and tries to turn all men gay. The one man that’s sent to earch wants to keep men from women and make an all men society where every one’s gay. The whole idea is so funny and mesmerizing to some.

In Short, if you’re in mood for some good comedy film and want something foreign and different, this 30 year old Danish comedy film is for you. 

More About the 1992 Space Film

Directed by and co-written by Morten Lindberg, the film has some good comedy scenes apart from the racist remarks of the characters. 

On IMDb, the film has 6.0/10 rating with over 7200 reviews, 54 percent of them voted the film 10 out of 10. 

The film has a run time of 26 minutes, making it fall into the category of short films. The Danish film, upon its success, was featured in the Stockholm Queer Film Festival in 2006. The fans describe the film as, “Comedy cult favorite”.

The Story

When it comes to the Black community all around the globe, they’re not labeled as homosexual or anything like that. The film does the opposite. It portrays a whole race into something that’s it simply is not. 

Okay, the film came out 30 years ago. Now? Some internet trolls are making jokes about this hurting the black community. 

And the funny thing about this whole mess is that people are falling for it. Well, who wouldn’t? A just asked you not to Google which space movie was made in 1992. Wouldn’t anyone fall for this simple yet clever reverse psychology trick?

You did, we all did. 

The Joke, Racism, and LGBTQ

When the joke first rolled out on the internet, the LGBTQ community started to find out about this 30 year old homophobic short film. Not only that, some people started to worry about racist remarks as well. 

The reason behind all this fuss is that people should respect and honor each other. Insulting or trolling each other just because of race is a thing of past. It’s not the 18th century anymore. Nobody cares if you’re black or white. We’re all the same and equally important. 


The whole thing about what space movie was made in 1992 is an internet joke. The troller asks “not” to Google this term, and when you do Google it, you fall into their trap and fall victim to a racist, homosexual joke. 

There’s no way to avoid this because you haven’t got a clue what’s behind this. Some racist internet troll started this thing as a joke and now, people are offended once they get the Google search results. 

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