A sales analyzer and reporting tool are called Sanffe Info. All sizes of firms can utilize it to perform better transaction analyses. Managers have a good understanding of their sales, costs, and expenses thanks to the platform. It can be utilized by businesses of all sizes to improve analyses. No matter how many consumers you have, this platform allows you to monitor website sales data to determine exactly where your money is going.

What is Sanffe’s Info?

Sanffe Info is an open-source project that enables coding-free report and dashboard creation.

Interactive graphs and charts are simple to build, share on social media, and use in presentations. Your data can be exported to Excel or CSV files for later examination.

How to use Sanffe Info?

Sanffe Info offers an intuitive dashboard where you can examine a variety of information, like how well your leads are doing and how many chances you’ve closed daily. Based on this data, you will also be able to assess the general effectiveness of your sales staff.

It aids users in performance improvement by assisting in the analysis of their sales process and possibilities. On the basis of previous data, the platform also enables customers to estimate their revenue and come to wise conclusions about what they should be doing to boost revenue or save expenditures.

Sanffe info facility for business sales

Any business owner may easily track their sales data with the Sanffe info facility for business sales, which presents information in an easy-to-read, straightforward style.

Built using the most up-to-date technology, it includes sophisticated analysis capabilities that can immediately spot possible opportunities or dangers, enabling you to make better-educated business decisions.

What are the characteristics of Sanffe information?

Users of Sanffe Info may evaluate data in real-time and visualize it for simple analysis thanks to its robust feature set. Users of the program can also design custom dashboards and reports for certain needs.

Customers will be able to easily access data from various sources, including Salesforce and Google Analytics, thanks to the platform’s design. It connects with these programs to make it simple to transfer information across them.

Users may utilize this data to drill down into each channel or product to determine which ones are selling well and which ones are not, who is making what purchases when and from where, and much more.

How can businesses of all sizes use Sanffe Info?

Users can quickly examine their pipeline using Sanffe info by examining their leads, clients, and opportunities. Based on how many opportunities are generated or closed per client each month, users can then identify which marketing channels are producing the best results.

This is the ideal solution for you if you are a manager or owner of a small firm trying to increase control over your sales process. The program enables you to follow up on leads from beginning to end so you can spot any points at which customers are struggling to make a purchase from you.

How does Sanffe Info Word for Business Trades Platform Online help?

The business sales platform aids in the setup of appropriate sales activities and sanffe information for online sales channels. Create email campaigns with auto-responders or auto-responders for client inquiries.

Knowing what your rivals are doing, knowing who to approach to get more leads and customers, and knowing where to focus your efforts to get results faster.


Sanffe Info was created specifically to give businesses a better sales process, which would allow for more effective sales organizations. Sanffe not only developed a solution that will let companies use their sales data.


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