Click-to-click advertising online is big business and is becoming very competitive. Premium ad space isn’t cheap. You can spend a lot of money to market your business on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Showing your website in search engine advertising takes a lot of advertising budget.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the money spent on PPC advertising is to use search engine.what does SEO stand for in marketing .

Use SEO marketing to eliminate pay per click advertising

You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on an ineffective advertising campaign. PPC ads are expensive, time-consuming and short-lived. More often than not, pay-per-click will attract visitors to your website, but they may not buy from you. When your advertising budget is used up, your ads will disappear from the list.

It is a proven fact that search engine marketing has a higher return on investment than pay per click advertising. PPC ads have been shown to generate only a third of the traffic for certain keywords. Meanwhile, SEO marketing accounts for two-thirds of all search traffic.

Use SEO marketing to reduce the number of keywords to target

Another effective search engine marketing strategy is to use SEO in conjunction with PPC advertising. Let’s see how to do it.

You can use a keyword research tool to determine the cost per click for a keyword. In SEO marketing, you can rank higher with high CTR keywords because these terms quickly drain your paid advertising budget. Use classified ads with keywords that are cheaper. This is a better use of your advertising dollars.

Use SEO marketing to take advantage of changing advertising trends

Many pay-per-click ads on sites like Google are placed below the search term or in the sidebar. As people become more aware of the Internet, they learn to adapt these ads. Some people no longer see these ads because their eyes quickly move to the top of the organic search results.

Dollars invested in search engine marketing can help you reach certain keywords and keep them at the top of the list. Marketing is an ongoing effort, and SEO marketing can save an internet business thousands of dollars per month compared to pay-per-click advertising.

Use SEO marketing to find out which PPC ads are performing the best

If you’re committed to using paid search advertising, you need to know what types of ads you can use.

  • Show ads
  • Text link ads
  • ads in between
  • Sidebar ads
  • Banner ads

The best way to use your PPC budget is to try out a few of these ad types and see what works best. Find the ones that generate the most clicks that lead to sales conversions. You only pay for a click if it doesn’t lead to a sale. Use search engine marketing with internet analytics to focus your marketing efforts on the most profitable ads.

PPC advertising works, but it is more expensive and less effective than SEO marketing firm. A good SEO marketing campaign can beat a PPC campaign any day of the week. Paid search ads should be used as a temporary way to drive traffic to your website using semi-popular keywords at a low cost per click.


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