The majority of people in developing and developed countries own smart devices. They have multiple apps on their device, including food ordering, games, music and video streaming, and more. They use one or other apps as it makes their life easier, but in recent years the craze of super app or multi-service apps has increased to a great extent as it eliminates the need to install multiple apps. 

Super apps like Gojek, Grab, WeChat, or any other make it easier for a user to get multi-service needs fulfilled right through a single platform. For example, users can use apps similar to Gojek to get hot pizza, home service professionals, and more. They don’t need to download lots of apps to get all their work done effectively. 

This has increased the super app race in Southeast Asia and other countries globally. Many business giants have joined the race, while others are thinking of becoming part of the growing market in a short time to grow their business. If you are thinking the same, then it’s the right time. You just need to consider the strategy that helps you to be a winner in the Super app race with the Gojek-like app. Wondering how? Let’s explore the article in-depth to find everything here. 

Why Join the Super App Race?

The term Super app was oriented in 2010, but the idea gained massive popularity after the Chinese app WeChat opted for it and became famous. In 2021, more than 67% of customers preferred a digital experience with a single-app solution in the US. They expect various services, like transportation, banking, shopping, etc., on a single app. Looking at the growing popularity and super app usage by customers in the United States, it’s a smart option to choose to invest in a super app like Gojek, Grab, WeChat, or any other. 

If you’re looking to offer a lot more services as Gojek does, then it’s a smart option to build a multi-service app like Gojek. The company provides almost twenty services to customers. It has recently partnered with Tokopedia to form the GoTo Group. The two business giants have also worked together previously to accelerate eCommerce deliveries using the local network of Gojek’s drivers.

You can try something new to win a super app race and enjoy other perks with apps like Gojek. Some of the top advantages of joining the super app race are as follows:

  • Improves business reach and customer base;
  • Increases lead and profit;
  • Helps you provide more services;
  • Grow your network.

There are a lot more that you can enjoy when you choose to join the super app race. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight; there are a lot of efforts you need to make to survive in the super app race. 

You can’t depend on the same strategy that your competitors follow as it might not work in the same manner for you as it worked for them. Hence it becomes essential to choose the one that provides you with worthy results. 

Proven Strategies to Consider for Being a Winner in Super App Race with Gojek Like App

Gojek’s marketing campaigns are purpose-driven and people-based, helping the company to get more popularity and fulfill the demand of more customers globally. Gojek is always looking forward to expanding its service in different countries and becoming a top player in the race. The company is facing great competition in the market from Grab, Zomato, Uber, and many more. 

In 2019 alone, Gojek had more than 29 million monthly active users in Indonesia alone. The number of users in the market is growing steadily as a company is always trying to provide the best services to customers on their demand. Getting impressed with the working and marketing approach of Gojek, many are choosing to follow the same. 

If you also want to build your presence online and grab success similar to Gojek in the super app race, then try sometime new that helps you to be a winner in the race. You can try the following approach to get popularity, similar to a multi-service giant, Gojek. 

Never Avoid Being Online

Most of your customers have their presence online; hence it becomes crucial for you to think about the same. You can develop an app like gojek to automate your business operations online. Take the support of top and experienced tech firms or developers to build a mobile app and website for your customers’ use. A feature-rich platform makes it easier for you to reach more customers by enabling them to order on-demand services as per their needs. 

Marketing Strategy

Gojek implements a purpose-driven approach to achieve its targeted goals. You can implement the same approach to improve your visibility online. Choose to opt for a social media marketing, promotion, and distribution strategy that provides you with better results than ever before. 

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Segmenting and Targeting Approach

You can target the right audience to provide seamless experiences to customers on their demand. For example, if you want to earn a profit, then you can target tech-savvy customers who are always ready to pay more for the convenience you are looking to offer them. Perform deep analysis to know what your customers expect from you and provide them with the same service to be a winner in the super app race.

Pricing Approach

You must take extra care while setting prices for your business product or services. High prices can make your business fail and be a loser in the market. Hence study your competitors’ pricing strategy and implement the one that helps you make a profit as well as make your customers feel like they are paying for the right, especially when they request your service or order products. 

There are many more approaches you can consider to be a winner in the super app race with the Gojek-like app. To be a business giant and successful super app, Gojek has opted for an effective strategy that helped the company to reach the targeted result. You can also choose the same to be successful in the competitive market. 

Final Words

Gojeks promotional, effective, and other strategies help the company achieve excellent results. It also helps the company provide a better customer experience, resulting in its growth. You can also opt for a proven approach that enables you to grab the desired success and be a part of a competitive super app race.


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