The Complete Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Cleaning your house is one of those chores that no one likes to do, but it’s an absolute necessity if you want your home to be healthy and comfortable. This spring, make sure your house is in great shape before the nicer weather comes by creating your own spring home maintenance checklist and following it at least once a month throughout the year. These 25 tasks will help you keep your house looking clean and healthy through all the seasons!

Winterize Your House

Winterizing your house is a great way to make sure it’s ready for spring. This can be as easy as shutting off the water and locking the doors, but if you want to really get started on prepping your home for warmer weather, here are some steps you can take this winter. *Get Rid of Any Leaks*… If there are any leaking pipes or areas where things might freeze, like a door threshold that doesn’t stay tight, those should be fixed before the first sign of snow. *Do Some Housecleaning*… We all know how long winter lasts and keeping your home clean will help avoid sicknesses. A good thorough house cleaning in late fall/winter is enough to keep you healthy during most of the season. Plus it feels good!

Clean Out Your Attic and Basement

Over the winter, heat can seep through the windows, causing your house to retain a lot of dust. To avoid allergies and keep your home clean this spring, you’ll need to open your windows and get rid of that air freshener. Now is also a good time to remove any items left over from the previous year that are no longer needed. In addition to clothes and shoes, it’s important to clear out any outdated tax documents or appliances you don’t use anymore. Once everything has been removed from these spaces, start by sweeping any old debris with a broom (or leaf blower) and then vacuum up any loose items such as hair or food particles. Finally, wipe down all horizontal surfaces like shelves and doors with an anti-bacterial wipes or diluted bleach solution.

Organize Your Garage

You know that time is going to come when you have to spend a Saturday organizing your garage. But we’ll bet you’re not looking forward to it, so we’ve put together this list of home maintenance tasks for you to do first. Get them out of the way before tackling the garage—the task may be less daunting! There’s more than one way to complete these tasks, but each of these ideas will help keep your home clean and organized:

Repair as You Go

You should have already done most of this work back in the fall, but there’s still a few more chores to check off before warmer weather arrives. This is also the time to do some basic repairs to catch issues now, before they become a problem when you can’t just call someone else for help.

Lucky for you, we’ve got an all-encompassing home maintenance checklist that will save you the hassle of doing any guesswork. Let’s get started!

Weatherize Windows and Doors

Wipe all windows, shutters and door jambs, paying special attention to window sills and corners. Spray or pour 1/2 pint of alcohol into all storm window openings before closing them up. Be sure to use a cloth to wipe excess liquid off the storm windows before shutting them up for the winter. Remove screens from all outside windows and take inside for house cleaning.

Check the Inside of Your Roof

When you inspect your roof, be sure to check for missing shingles and loose nails. Most important of all, make sure your gutters are clean! If leaves and debris accumulate in them, it can lead to water pooling on the roof and eventually causing leaks. For a more detailed inspection of your home’s exterior, consider hiring a professional home inspector.

Store Winter Items Properly

When it’s finally time to put away your winter clothes and coats, there are a few key things to remember. The first is that you should never store any of these items in the attic or on top of the refrigerator since warm air rises, so these will be the coldest areas of your house. Store them in a cool basement instead. For coats, lay them out and leave space between them so they can form their own piles and stay fairly fluffy. Hang long coats like skirts or dresses on hangers from nails hammered into beams or rafters. For sweaters and other garments, fold them over hangers with wide necks facing inward so that they don’t get too wrinkled while hanging up.

Get Rid of Pests

Getting rid of pests is an important part of house cleaning, as they can spread diseases and cause health problems. You can set out traps for insects like ants, flies, and moths, or you can use natural remedies like cayenne pepper to discourage them from coming back.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Leaky faucets, pipes, and other leaks can waste gallons of water in a single day and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Because leaking faucets are so easy to fix, it’s worth taking the time to fix them immediately. If you can’t find the leak or want to hire a professional plumber, contact our office for assistance.

Buy Summer Supplies Now

Do you want to stay on top of your household home cleaning and make sure your home is looking its best for the summer? Then this list is for you! This spring home maintenance checklist includes tasks that need to be completed now, in preparation for warmer weather. You might feel like your duties are endless with the growing list of obligations that come with spring, but the spring home maintenance checklist will help you plan out what needs to get done and when! Some things you should have on hand before it warms up outside include:


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