We are living in an era where everything is available at our fingertips. Tablets and smartphones have made it possible to order anything online and get it delivered to our doorsteps. Along with it, mobile apps have come out as the primary mode of marketing products too. It is easier to reach out to customers via mobile apps instantly without waiting for mouth-to-mouth marketing. 

Due to this, companies hire Android developers that can help them develop on-demand apps for Android mobile phones and tablets. There are applications like Uber (taxi booking) and Zomato (food delivery) becoming extremely popular in the market.

However, before deep-diving into the hiring process of Android developers for on-demand apps, let us walk you through the basics. As per Statista, the mobile app revenue in 2021 is accounted for 693 billion U.S. dollars which is expected to reach 935.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. 

Even on average, consumers prefer mobile apps more than websites as most of them are near their phones than laptops. It makes companies come up with solutions that can help them connect with consumers instantly. For this, companies (mid-level, start-ups, and enterprises) need mobile app developers that can help them connect with consumers. 

Why should start-ups hire Android developers?

We are a part of the competitive market that makes it essential for companies to be in the market as soon as possible. The companies need to ensure that they are using the right technology for the robust application that is packed with features. Several features included in the on-demand apps are GPS, payment integration, push notification, mobile screen touching, less keyboarding, etc. 

Mobile app developers can offer new opportunities to companies with their skills. On top of that, the Android market is the highest used mobile apps operating system which makes it an ideal platform to start with. 

The recent technological advancement has made companies leverage mobile apps to brand and promote their business. The popularity of Android has made companies take market-centric decisions to hire Android developers

Here are some tips that can make it easier for you to hire Android developers. 

#1 Don’t keep budget as the main factor

Cost is the major part of the business world, but don’t let it be the most vital aspect or primary focus. Keeping less budget can affect the quality of the mobile app, which is not a necessary option. One needs to find a potential developer, so don’t focus on the budget instead of skills. 

#2 Get a review

The companies can check with the previous organization that the developer worked with to know more about their experience. They can get a detailed account of how they worked, solved problems, and communicated with the clients or others. Several online websites are available that offer detailed insight into Android developers. 

#3 Know the experience

Before you make the final hiring, make sure to deep dive into the experience of the Android developers to know what type of projects they have worked in. The hiring team can go through the past projects and their basic functionalities to understand the work developers deal in. It will also explain the application requirement and know the feedback, ratings, and reviews. 

#4 Watch out for proficiency over experience

Sometimes the developer with 2 years of experience can be more proficient than 7+ years of experience. The companies need to consider Android developers’ profile that can help create business and market-centric applications. 

#5 Check for their innovative approach

It is best to check for the innovative approach of the developers to see what they will bring to the table. One must ensure that the candidate can offer a best-in-class user experience before hiring Android developers.

#6 Open-Source Platforms

If the developers don’t know much about the open-source platform, it is best to reconsider your choice. Android is an open-source platform that makes it easy for developers to know about it and how it will impact development. One who knows the basic necessity of the open-source application is a good candidate for the professionals. 

#7 Sign an NDA

The companies need to sign an NDA with the developers as mobile apps are a unique idea yet to come out. There are a few secrets that one doesn’t want to leak into the market before they have a chance to launch the final app. 

#8 Discuss the post-development tasks

You are hiring an Android developer for a respective task. Knowing what they will be responsible for after the project is completed is essential. Developers can spend time on tasks like maintenance, support, bug fixing, testing, submissions, etc. 

#9 Go for the certified developers

Whether you are hiring a freelance or an in-house developer, it is best to know if they are certified or not. This will help save your image in the market before you send out the final product. Along with it, checking all the details is a cost-effective way of app development. 

#10 Software Development Life Cycle

Are You Looking for an Android App Development company? One needs to make sure that they know what the software development life cycle is. The App development process is one of the significant parts before launching the app in the market. 

  • Strategy Building can help list down the purpose, function, and utilities of the vision and thoughts.
  • Next is to plan and analyze the next step of the actual project, such as developing an MVP app or a full-featured application. 
  • Once the planning is done, one needs to design the mobile app effortlessly ad seamlessly that can attract an audience and look sharp.
  • Another is to start the development phase using programming language, technology stack, and technical architecture. 
  • Lastly, testing such as performance, security, function, and user experience testing ensures that the application is up to the mark. 
  • Once everything is set, then the application can be deployed and launched in the market as the final product on Google Play Store. 
  • Lastly comes the maintenance phase, where the developers need to check the application continuously and make significant updates. 

#11 Go for the whole package

The best way to take up the hiring is to go for the whole package and then just code. The developers need to be proficient with all the major development phases, such as testing, usability, design, etc., which can help them get better results. The aim is to offer a seamless experience to the user and deliver an attractive application in the market. 

Type of Android App Developer

You know how to start looking for the right candidate, but it is essential to know the type of developers you need. The companies can either handle the complete development process or hire the individual to do it on a fixed budget. When you plan to hire Android developers, you need to know if you want to go for an in-house team or a freelancer. 

#1 Freelance developers

The companies can find freelance Android developers that can help in widening their horizons and broaden their perspectives. There are online portals through which companies can hire the freelancers like Fiverr, Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc. It is best to look for the right candidate, examine their work experience, be transparent with expectations, and establish communication with the team. 

#2 Hire in-house developers

When you plan to hire the in-house developer, several aspects are added to the expenses, such as appraisals, office rent, electricity expenses, operational expenses, salaries, etc. However, it will give you more control over the development team, increase the communication mode, and is flexible with the team when you want to hire Android developers

#3 Outsource App Development Teams

The last option is to hire another company to complete the respective project for you. One can list down their requirements and send them to the development team. Through this, one can work with different teams and control the project. 

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Hiring an experienced developer is not rocket science. One can do it easily if one knows where to start, whether hiring a fresher with a maximum of two years of experience to a manager with more than 7 years of experience. One can hire Android developers from different locations and experience sets that can fulfil the company’s requirements. 

Finding the developers can come up with state-of-art technology, reduce mobile app development costs, and offer short development time. Undoubtedly, Android app development has become the major platform for companies to get feature-rich applications. 

The aim is to offer flexible and results-driven solutions to help businesses grow. It also allows companies to explain customer base, reinforce brand value, reach customers instantly, and have immense capability to handle emergencies. 


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