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So, you are interested in building a social media presence for yourself or your brand, but how can you get started? The process can seem complicated and hard especially when you have to do it from the ground up. Below are 11 ways of creating and maintaining growth on your social media presence.

Asking Yourself “Why am I on social media?”

Everyone and their pets are on social media today, so you assume that just because they are you need to be too. This is a fair point, but you need to go deeper than that. You should be asking yourself questions like “Why am I on social media?” and “What am I willing to get out of it?”

A good place to start is to set goals and targets of what you want to achieve and have a clear idea of what content you are going to share with your audience. Think about the direction you want the platform to go: have SMART targets then create content to share. This is going to guide you and give you a purpose. You won’t be posting content aimlessly.

Make sure you choose platforms that are right for you

Choosing the right platform is very important because it means you don’t have to waste a lot of time and effort on a platform that won’t give you a return. You don’t have to be famous on every platform out there. If you are in the business industry, the best platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are a photographer, then you are going to benefit from platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

If you don’t know where to get started, then you need to start with Instagram and Facebook because they are the most used social media platforms with over one billion monthly users.

Letting your audience know why you are on social media

You need a following if you are going to succeed with any platform, and it can be a challenge when you have to start from scratch. There are some that lets you invite your friends to like your page. Make sure your customers know where to find you.

Make sure you have your social media handles on your email campaigns or print because that is how people will know. Link your profiles on your site or have a “Follow us!” sign on your physical shop or a festival.


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