Spring is an amazing time of year, and nail color is one of the things that makes it even more special. Here are three nail color ideas that you can try out in 2022 to help you feel beautiful and comfortable all season long! 

Spring is coming, and with it comes the season of new beginnings. Whether you’re planning on starting a new job, moving into a new apartment, or just starting fresh in your personal life, here are three nail color ideas that will help you achieve that fresh look! 

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather, flowers in bloom, and new nail color trends! Check out our top three picks for nail color ideas for spring in 2022 below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more updates on our blog in the coming weeks!


Whether you’re looking for a change or just want to get your nails done in a new color, here are some top spring nail designs to try:

The French manicure is one of the most popular nail designs. It requires polish and basecoat on all of your nails, then a clear coat of color on the tips of your nails. This design is perfect for people who want their nails to look neat and professional.

The Dutchman is another popular nail design. It requires two colors – one on the tips of your nails and one at the base – and is perfect for people who want a more complex look.

The ombré manicure is a variation of the French manicure. Ombré means “shades of blue” in French, and this type of nail design features different shades of blue throughout the entire nail. Ombré manicures are perfect for people who want their nails to look colorful and unique.


Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to kick off the season than with a new nail color? We’ve got some bright and cheerful pink options that will put a spring in your step.

This soft, girly pink is the perfect color for a sunny day. Add a light dusting of pink glitter to give it an extra pop of color.

This dark and moody shade is perfect for those who love dramatic nail colors. Use it to add depth and dimension to your look.

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated pink, try this crystal pink. It’s perfect for any occasion, and it will look amazing on all skin tones.

This bright and cheerful shade is perfect for springtime celebrations. It’s the perfect mix of fun and fierceness, making it the perfect choice for a party or special event.

  This fiery red is perfect for those who love to stand


Spring is a time of new beginnings, and nail color is one way to express that. To help jumpstart your spring nail color ideas, we’ve gathered some of our favorite bold and vibrant green shades.

If you’re looking for a bright, happy hue, try ‘Tangerine Tango’ by Essie. This sunny orange is bound to give your nails a boost of energy and excitement.

For a more subtle shade, try ‘Nectar’ by Essie. This light green has a touch of pink undertone that will add an extra pop of color to your nails.

If you’re in the mood for something truly outrageous, ‘Mauve Mafia’ by Essie is the perfect polish for you! This deep purple is sure to turn heads when you wear it.

Whatever color you choose, make sure it is both bold and vibrant enough to stand out in a crowd but still subtle enough to be worn every day. You don’t want your nails to be the star of the show, you want them to be the supporting players!


Red nails are always a popular choice for spring. They’re classy and timeless, and they go with almost any outfit. Here are three classic red nail color ideas that you can try this spring.

1. French Red: This is a beautiful traditional red color that looks great on both men and women. It’s perfect for a formal or romantic event, or you can use it to add a little extra pizzazz to your everyday look.

2. Bright Cherry Red: This is another classic red color that will look amazing on all skin tones. It’s perfect as the main color in your spring look, or you can use it as an accent to add brightness and vibrancy to your style.

3. Berry Blast Red: This is a fun and trendy red color that will brighten up your day! It’s perfect for those who want something more daring than the classic reds, and it will look great with any outfit of the season.


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