When you decide to write poetry you have at least some things to take into account. These things often will get you either praise or criticism, firstly, you write what you want to project to your audience. Secondly you search the universe for the ideas that Our Creator, GOD has for us to help others and ourselves thereby. It’s of the essence to reach the mind, the body, and the senses when writing poetry. Thirdly but not last, you need to remember to touch the emotions deeply, stirring up the seriousness so that the readers will also love poetry as avidly as the novels and educational segments of books.

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When the readers seem to be seriously reading poetry then will they be happy. Oftentimes readers lack the ability to digest poetry simply because they are too serious-minded to take time for happiness. After the seriousness of thunderstorms, rainstorms, and hailstorms comes to the happy faces of flowers, they would not have appeared had not the waters of life not fallen on them. Novels are grand, it appeases the taste of some of the most serious types, no-nonsense is driven hardcore, yet poetry strokes their hearts often enough. If poetry had its way with the recluse and solemn faces of many, there would be many more happy souls on this earth.

The objective of writing poetry lies not in the words only but in the heart itself. To draw a person into a blessed state of healing, satisfying their whims definitely spells out the world of poetry. When writing to a large audience, it fares better to remove the doubt from their minds immediately upon entry. You will have then sustained your course of writing while you have also caused a healing process to take place. It can then be driven to the end whereas the reality and the seriousness can continue in a smooth state, with happiness in the reader and seriousness in the writer.

Writers of poetry write with a sense of being, a positive reaching out daily to pull some serious person to the happiness they well deserve. We’re not serving kindergarten here, nor are we implying lack of worth in this world, why fight what poetry says, when it is imminent that on the streets you smile because I love poetry. You see it in my electrifying personality, you desire what you feel, the aura is right, yet seriousness catches you away and you are unsettled. Poets know how to write you into a state of calmness, and rich diversity to overrule the harshness of your character, as you get a few lines of poetry, here and there.

Instant happiness is found in the writer of poetry from childhood, it is a gift from GOD, He gets all of the glory, He sends this gift to help the serious minded individual, you then smile when the poets smile, only because you are reaping the joy of poetry as written and read daily. Refresh your thoughts in life, read poetry, read your novels, show a diversity of character, reach the world they need your buff to make them shine even more in this dark world sometimes. You can write beautifully and be seriously happy, when you write with the hearts, minds and souls of the serious-minded people in mind you would have won a multitude of a wonderfully diversified norm. I smile because you smile; you electrify my aura, for I come to you from my heart, to bring to seriousness a smile, brought on through poetry.

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