Home Decor Ideas for Fall
Home Decor Ideas for Fall

Fall is the coziest and most exciting season of the year. There’s nothing that quite beats that first scent of Fall in the air as the seasons begin to change or the first cool day after a brutally hot summer. The decor is adorable and homes immediately feel cozier as the seasons change and the tree in the front yard starts to orange. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of the sounds of Saturday football drifting in from the living room, the feel of a slight crisp breeze wafting in through an open window, and the smell of an autumn bowl of chili cooking. Fall is a wonderful time of year for building memories or continuing tradition at a pumpkin patch, but it’s also a great season for home decor. Traipsing through the aisles of your favorite home decor store or section may just be the thing that symbolizes that Fall is here. So what are the home decoration pieces we’re most excited about this Fall? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a short list below in celebration of the cool weather ahead. 

1.  Faux Fur Blankets

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a fur blanket and watching a Charlie Brown holiday movie. An easy way to decorate for fall is to change out the throw pillows and blankets on your couch. A set of autumn-colored pillows and a faux fur throw can completely change the ambiance of a living room to give all of the seasonal vibes. Not only is a faux fur throw blanket perfect to snuggle up in during the colder months, but it’s also an easy addition to your fall repertoire of decor.

2.          Decorative Pumpkins

Nothing is more classically Fall themed than pumpkins. When the pumpkins start popping up, they seem to symbolize the ringing in of the new season. This year, if you’re not feeling the classic orange, lots of seasonal sections are now providing cute neutral options such as white, beige, or sage green which still will convey the glory of the season. Add them to a tablescape, shelf, mantel, or porch to create the perfect gourd and color scheme.

3.          Fall Leaves Wreaths

Usher friends and family into your home this season with a leafy wreath design. Whether it’s crimson auburn, mocha brown, or golden ochre, wreaths add a little holiday decor outside your home before the winter festivities begin. Wreaths are not just for Christmas time! Instead, finding creative and cute ways to represent the Fall season through the materials in your wreath can be the perfect way to mark your doorframe. You could even opt for natural materials like pampas grass, deep magnolia leaves, cotton, or woven wheat strands to make up your Fall wreath.

4.          Scented Candles

The smells and scents of the season are one of our favorite parts of Fall. It’s no secret that Fall scents are truly unrivaled in the candle section. There’s a reason candle companies practically sell their autumn scents practically year-round. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, chai, clove, apple cinnamon, maple leaves, sandalwood, fireplace, and s’mores are all made for the Fall months. Candles are a super easy way to decorate for the season if you are on a budget. We all know that scent is the most nostalgic of the five senses, so if you do nothing else this year make sure your home or apartment at least smells of the season. 

5.          Mantel Makeovers

Grab a garland of leaves, some adorable gourds, brown jars of pampas grass or autumn-colored flowers, a few taper candle sticks, some little miniatures or figurines of homes, trees, or forest creatures, and get to work on transforming your fireplace mantel for the season. There are truly so many options of ways to makeover your mantel. Just adding a few of the ideas listed above can go a long way! Mantels are a very easy place to decorate and rearrange for the holidays and can work as the central decorative focal point of any room. 

6.          Leaf Art Decoration

This DIY decoration can be a fun one if you have kids! On your inevitable autumn walks, you will take as the weather cools down and the leaves begin to fall, be intentional about picking up some beautiful leaves along the route. Once you’ve compiled a quality collection, there are so many options for the crafts you can do. Some of our personal favorites are to press them and then frame them. You can create a gallery wall in your entryway full of framed autumn leaves that is sure to leave your guests impressed. If you have kids, painting the leaves or putting a piece of paper over the leaves and coloring with crayons to pick up the texture and veining of the leaf could be some awesome decorative crafts you could try Read more


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