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The gaming industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. As the technology progresses, the gaming industry will become even more saturated and it will be even more difficult to rank against other websites. But, the key here is to focus on search optimization practices for the gaming industry and implement the right strategies.

Define your competition

It’s already been predicted that the video gaming industry will make around $160 billion in revenue by the time 2023 ends. This only confirms that this is a highly profitable and very competitive industry. In line with that, you need to define your competition. Simply put, you need to learn who you’re directly competing against, analyze their optimization practices and find a way to get ahead of them.

This is an integral part of SEO because you’re constantly competing against others who do the same things as you or offer the same product. Do your research to define a list of your direct competitors, so that you can dive deep into further analysis.

Analyze your competition

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By analyzing your competition, you can get valuable insights into your own SEO strategy. Since your goal is to get ahead of your competitors and get a competitive edge, competitor analysis will help you to enhance your digital marketing strategy in general.

By focusing on elements that Google favors in terms of better ranking, you get valuable insights into your competitor’s efforts and how you can match their efforts and even top them. Of course, this is something that requires time and patience. You can also uncover their blind and weak spots and gain momentum with your SEO efforts.

Define your target audience

In SEO terms, the target audience is those people looking for your product online. In your case, people interested in your game or gaming, in general, might be interested in your website. Defining your target audience will help you tailor your content strategy and help build a community.

Define your niche

By defining your niche, you’ll define what type of website you want to have. There are simply too many gaming genres so you need to tailor your website to fit a particular gaming niche. Each one is different which only means that each niche requires a slightly different SEO strategy.  For example, your website can fall under the gambling industry or role-playing games, pc gaming or console gaming, and many more.

Keyword research

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In order to do proper keyword research, you need to know the rules of the game. This is the moment when you should rely on SEO Services Sydney or anywhere else to make sure you don’t leave any stones unturned. You need to work with an expert with a proven track record who can help determine relevant keywords, their variations and how you can optimize your website to rank better for relevant keywords. This further helps with organic traffic and helps attracts new players interested in your product or gaming service.

Build a website that is SEO friendly from the beginning

Many people make the mistake of considering the best SEO practices after they finish building their website. Ideally, you’ll have a skilled SEO expert on your team during every step of website development. This will save you a lot of trouble later because you won’t have to redesign the website and lose time along the way. If both a website developer and an SEO expert work together from the very beginning, the website will have a clear, keyword-optimized structure, quality content, meta tags and descriptions that are in line with the best Google ranking practices.

Build backlinks

Simply put, by acquiring links from other websites, you send a signal to Google that your website is reliable, high-quality and relevant. In turn, Google will reward your website by ranking you better in SERP, and it also leads to more traffic because people will click on those links and be taken to your website. In order to acquire links that lead to your website, you need to work on building a backlink portfolio. This is also another area of search engine optimization that can be outsourced to a digital marketing agency. They will know which websites to outreach like niche websites, and even gaming forums. The end goal is to recognize the right platforms that can give you a backlink, thus improving your website ranking and organic results.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Since around 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices, you need to prioritize this important search engine ranking element. Moreover, mobile page load speed can have a major impact on how your website is ranked by Google. The goal is to have a well-optimized, responsive, user-friendly and mobile-friendly website. If all of these boxes are ticked, you have a higher chance of receiving valuable website traffic and being more visible to search engines.

Do regular website audits

SEO optimization is a marathon, it isn’t a sprint. It’s not something you do once and that’s it. You need to keep up with your competition and do regular website audits. Maybe there are some outdated keywords or elements that slow down your website. You can also have pages you don’t want to index, or ones that should be indexed, but for some reason aren’t. All of these elements can be discovered by doing a regular website audit. You’ll also know what has to be done in order to improve your search engine rankings or how you can update your current SEO strategy to reach better results.

Build your social media presence

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Social media presence is as important as having a search-engine-friendly website. If you’re not on social media, you’ll lose important traffic and you won’t build an online community. Through social media, you can directly communicate with your target audience, advertise new products, launch new products and much more.

Create engaging content

Content is as important as anything else we’ve mentioned here. It’s a vital part of any SEO strategy, so you should work on creating quality and engaging pieces of content on your website, blog section, and social media and also gain more traffic.

If you want to be found on search engines, you need to invest your time, effort and resources into being easily found. This is where an SEO strategy comes in, so make sure to read this article and tackle the SEO strategies for gaming sites with the utmost confidence.


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