The milk warmer is also called a milk warmer and a milk heater. It is mainly used for some babies who drink milk intermittently Review4brands.

The milk and reconstituted milk powder taken out of the refrigerator can solve problems such as the temperature of reconstituted milk powder, uneven heating of hot water and warm milk.

Which may cause diarrhea in the baby, and ensure that the temperature of the heated milk is appropriate without worrying about the destruction of nutrition.

There are so many milk warmer products in the world, which makes it difficult for many people to choose. Let me share with you what brand of milk warmer is good and how to choose a milk warmer.

Key Points for Choosing a Milk Warmer

Choose according to the material

The materials used for babies are very important. Nowadays, toxic substances are everywhere in society. If you are not careful, your baby’s health will be endangered. Inferior milk warmers are low in cost and price, and may cause Contains bisphenol A, which is BPA.

This substance can cause endocrine disorders, induce premature puberty, and seriously threaten the health of infants and children. Most of the high-quality milk warmers are made of environmentally friendly green PP material, which can withstand high temperatures and is non-toxic.

Odorless, this material is not easy to break, even when heated at high temperature, the material is very stable, no toxic substances will leak out to endanger the health of the baby, it is safer and more assured to use

Choose according to inner diameter, depth and temperature control

The inner diameter and depth of the bottle warmer directly affect the use of the bottle warmer. If the inner diameter and depth of the bottle warmer are too small, the bottle may not fit.

When purchasing a bottle warmer, you should choose some bottle warmers with an inner diameter larger than 7CM.

It can ensure that the wide-mouth bottle can be put down; the depth should be greater than 8cm, so as not to expose a large part of the bottle, causing excessive heat dissipation, which will affect the heating and heat preservation effect of the bottle warmer.

In addition, when purchasing a bottle warmer, you should choose the temperature The control range is from 40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.

Low temperature can warm milk, medium temperature can heat rice paste, etc. High temperature can be used for disinfection, and it is more practical for multiple purposes Deliveroo Discount Code NHS.

Choose according to power

When purchasing a milk warmer, you should consider the size of the power. If the power is too small, it will not be able to warm and warm milk, let alone hot milk. If the power is too high, it will easily deform and age the plastic shell, reducing the service life

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How to use the milk warmer

Mothers all know that a bottle warmer is also called a bottle warmer or a bottle warmer. The method of using the bottle warmer is to put an appropriate amount of water into the bottle.

Then put the bottle into the bottle warmer, adjust the temperature, and then wait for the automatic program to heat up, and then you can drink it for the baby. Let’s come together. See how to use the bottle warmer.

  1. First of all, mothers need to thoroughly clean the baby bottle, put the baby bottle into the bottle warmer, and then put it in clean cold water. It is enough to add the water to a height of two centimeters above the baby bottle.
  2. Then mothers need to turn on the heating switch, and it is ok when the red light is on. Dawang Shenguo needs to wait for a few minutes before the indicator light goes out, indicating that the water temperature has reached the requirement.
  3. Secondly, when mothers economically heat juice and rice paste, the height of the water surface should be slightly larger, preferably about 4 cm.
  4. Note that mothers also pay attention to the digital side case button, press the power button, then press the + or – button to select the desired temperature number, stop pressing the button for about 3 seconds, and the machine will automatically start.
  5. In addition, mothers remember that when heating juice and rice paste, the height of the water surface should be slightly larger, preferably about 7 cm.
  6. Finally, when the bottle warmer is working, the machine counts down, and when the number reaches zero, it will automatically enter the heating and heat preservation state.

How to use the bottle warmer

Novice mothers have too many things to learn, this time I will introduce how to use the bottle warmer Uber Eat Discount Code NHS.


  1. Water-filling type milk warmer usage: first use the bottle and then add water, the water level is about 2 cm lower than the port, adjust the knob to select the temperature, and watch the indicator light to judge.
  2. Digital Timing Milk Warmer Usage: After turning on the power, use the + or – button to control the temperature independently, and the machine will enter the heating state after 3 seconds of stopping the button.
  3. Use the timer switch, after selecting the appropriate temperature, press the timer button, select the timer value with the + or – button, then the machine enters the countdown process, and enters the heating state after returning to zero.

Water-free bottle warmer usage: remove the grid, put the bottle on the heat preservation cap, and select the appropriate temperature through the knob.


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