How to boost and highlight content on the internet’s leading-video platform.

YouTube is an old acquaintance for those who have the habit of using the internet mainly to watch videos. In recent years, YouTube has gained more prominence because it was the initial platform used by current digital influencers. Many of them started making videos of makeup, humor and other topics. After the video boom passed, the highlight is recorded or live podcasts broadcasted by the platform.

Because it is a well-known platform for those who want to make content that is deeper and longer in duration, YouTube has become the ideal place for advertising. Many companies want to invest in social media marketing, but without forgetting YouTube, which has a different SEO strategy than other platforms. SEO is a set of techniques for creating and boosting digital content.

If you want to know more about how to promote your company or product on YouTube or if you want to start your influencer career, stay with us. We will cover in this article the main techniques for boosting content on the main video platform on the internet. YouTube still serves as a gateway to other internet networks, but it offers a unique kind of spotlight, for example, gold, silver and bronze plaques for the platform’s main channels.

SEO on video 

Many people know SEO only through text techniques. It is true that SEO is very popular in optimizing articles on blogs and websites, but it can work on other content formats as well. More important than the content itself is how it is approached on the platforms, because that is what will help or hinder engagement.

In the case of YouTube, one way to be able to apply SEO techniques is in the few spaces that the platform made available for texts. It is important that the title and description conform to YouTube’s algorithms as an organic way to deliver videos to users.

Ways to use SEO techniques

The title is one of the most important topics. It is also one of the most used ways to apply SEO techniques, which need to be 100% in line with the content of the video. If you’ve just started to create content and your channel has few subscribers, then this is not the best time to use titles, metaphors or double meanings — they can even harm you. Make a title according to the content, for example, recipe for Christmas cookies, makeup for weddings, among other examples. 

As discussed in the last topic, it is important to use all the spaces that YouTube provides for the texts. In the video description, you can select some hashtags as a good way to make your content more filtered. You will select the audience you want to attract. For example, if you produce makeup videos, then you can leave fixed hashtags, such as “makeup” and “beauty tutorial”, or even hashtags according to the type of makeup: “wedding makeup”, “makeup for night parties”, etc.

Another space that can be used to optimize your content is in the description part. Avoid putting too many external links in the description. If you use any link, give preference to one that redirects to other YouTube videos, since the platform can sabotage videos that contain links from other networks, websites or blogs. Make simple descriptions. 

As said before, if you are at the beginning of your channel and have few followers, this is not the best time for texts with metaphors or double meanings. Explore everything YouTube can offer you, make long videos (there are several social networks that provide short videos of viral trends, YouTube was not made for that), such as the ones longer than 30 minutes.


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