Store online and get money back – is that possible? Yes, with cashback. We explain how cashback works, why it is worthwhile, and why stores give cashback in the first place.

What is cashback?

As the name suggests, cashback means that you get money back. Cashback users are credited with money for every single purchase they make in an online store. Cashback can best be compared with bonus programs – except that with cashback, customers do not collect loyalty points that they can later exchange for rewards, but money.

How does cashback work?

In order for online shoppers to benefit from cashback promotions, they must first register with a cashback portal like shopmate. They then go to the desired online store via this very portal and shop as usual. Once the order is completed, the promised cashback is initially deposited in a virtual account. In the so-called wallet, users can see at any time how much money they have already collected. Once a certain amount has been reached, they can arrange for the money to be transferred to their bank account.

Taking advantage of cashback promotions: Why it’s worth it

For those who regularly order from online stores, cashback campaigns are the best way to keep putting some money aside. After all, cashback users receive money back for every single purchase made via a cashback portal. This is especially worthwhile for larger purchases, such as new furniture.

What’s more, the effort involved is very low. Registering with a cashback portal is free and without obligation. The only condition for receiving money back after shopping is that online shoppers go to their favorite store via the cashback portal and accept the cookies there. Only in this way can the partner store recognize through which portal the customer came. Without cookies, this is not apparent and it does not pay out any commission to the portal. Consequently, the portal cannot pass it on to the user as cashback.

Current highlight: There is 5% cashback on Ebay and on top still a 10% voucher( Ebay Gutscheincode ) . In the store customers can order pretty lingerie, lingerie, swimwear and nightwear, electronics, gaming monitors and even get cash back.


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