Why is CNAPP important for an enterprise?

Cloud native application protection platform
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The cloud security market is an ever-changing space, with new tools being created to help companies secure their clouds. These are great for InfoSec pros who want increased productivity and jumpstarting development processes while also helping them identify vulnerabilities before they get exploited by hackers in the wild – making sure your organization stays agile no matter what challenges arise.

When hackers find vulnerabilities in security tools, they can exploit them to gain root-level access and sensitive information. A lack of maintenance for these programs leaves systems vulnerable with data being left exposed while response teams spend time gathering information on attacks before taking appropriate action against them–which is costly.

How CNAPP helps enterprise?

In this report from Gartner®, they say that “CNAPPs are an integrated set of security and compliance capabilities designed to help secure your cloud-native applications across development, production environments.” A company can use a CNAPP for increased visibility into their enterprise workloads as well as providing them with better control over risks in those databases – all while being able protect themselves from potential vulnerabilities.

It is crucial to consider the security of your cloud-based applications, as well as any infrastructure that may support them. Cloud providers often offer their services publicly and with too many permissions granted on an organization’s behalf there can be risks involved in this type or exposure. A perfect example being when users leave themselves logged into malicious websites through mistake.

Without a Cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP), organizations are left in an endless cycle of risk mitigation. Point solutions can’t keep up with all the alerts and their narrow focus leaves them vulnerable to threats from other parts within your environment that may be overlooked or underestimated completely because they don’t know how bad it could get overall – until something spills over into production. A comprehensive security monitoring tool like this one has real business impact across entire cloud applications profiles so you always have visibility what’s happening under-the radar before anything happens unexpectedly later down road.

Benefits of CNAPP for an Enterprise

Following are the benefits of CNAPP:

Increased Visibility:

CNAPPs improve the security of cloud applications by providing visibility and insights to assess risks. With improved insight, companies can strengthen their organization’s posture towards data protection throughout all stages from development through adoption.

CNAPP provides a comprehensive suite of monitoring and alarming tools for IT professionals who want to keep their infrastructure up-to date with the latest technology. The software can help you prioritize alerts that pose greatest risks, giving your organization unmatched visibility into its apps’ status across all devices in use within an enterprise setting.

Improved Compatibility:

The benefits of a CNAPP are numerous, but one major advantage is improved compatibility. These platforms can be used to remediate any workload without worrying about conflicts with other security tools or applications on your system – it’s cloud-native.

Proactive Approach:

With a CNAPP, security teams can identify misconfigurations or compliances issues before production. This means they’ll be able to take action and resolve the biggest risks much more quickly than with point tools alone – avoiding any significant disruption in their company’s business practices as well.


The benefits of using a CNAPP in CI/CD pipelines are two-fold. Not only does this automated process help security teams detect and respond more quickly to vulnerabilities, but it also streamlines their daily workload by automatically scanning environments throughout the lifecycle process – not just during testing phases or deployment periods.

Reduce Costs:

The CNAPP solution will integrate all of your security investments and give you a complete picture. It improves efficiency by analyzing millions of attributes to prioritize risks that need attention from the team while reducing noise, complexity or cost associated with maintaining point solutions

Helps in Distributing Shared responsibility:

CNAPP’s security controls help integrate with DevOps, so InfoSec teams can implement much-needed guardrails that developers will take ownership of in their day jobs. The result is less noise and more collaboration between these two important groups for an improved workflow experience overall


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