International traffic travelers to Canada are required to carry documentation acceptable for entry into the country. Canada positively exempts foreign nationals from carrying an appropriate travel visa when traveling to the United States by air via business or chartered flight. These foreign nationals may pursue a Canada Electronic Travel Authorization or Canada eTA as an alternative. The Canada ETA allows you to travel to Canada without a visa but is only accessible to residents of certain countries. If you are eligible for a Canada eTA it will be linked to your passport as soon as your utility is recognized and valid for 5 years or less if your passport expires before 5 years. Although the Canada ETA has the same features as the Canada visa, the difference lies in the fact that the ETA for Canada is simpler than the standard Canadian visa whose software and approval take longer than the Canadian ETA for foreign nationals which can usually be recognized within minutes. Once your application for a Canada ETA is approved, you can stay in the US for an expedited period of up to six months depending on your reason for going, and your passport will be stamped by border officials.

Foreign nationals are extraordinary and can exercise an ETA for Canada for a variety of purposes, such as for a layover or transit, for tourism and sightseeing, for enterprise purposes, or for clinical treatment. The Canada ETA will serve as the travel authorization document for the traveler to Canada in all these cases.

Canada visa ETA type :

  1. Canada eTA for business
  2. Canada eTA for tourism
  3. Canada eTA for transit

Canada eTA for business

As one of the most essential countries in the world market, Canada opens its doors to a lot of commercial enterprise traffic throughout the year. Any foreign national from an international location eligible for a Canadian ETA can come to Canada for commercial purposes by obtaining an ETA for Canada. These commercial enterprise functions may consist of business, professional, scientific, or academic conferences or conventions, commercial enterprise conferences or sessions with commercial enterprise associates, searching for job vacancies, looking for things to do related to your business, negotiating a contract, or settling. An Estate Canada ETA makes traveling to the United States easy and convenient for all commercial enterprise traffic to Canada.

Canada eTA for tourism

Canada is one of the most famous countries in the world among tourists. From scenic landscapes to cultural diversity, it’s all bought. Canada has some internationally well-known locations such as Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and cities like Vancouver, Toronto, etc., which bring travelers from all over the world to the United States. International vacationers who are residents of any country eligible for a Canada eTA and who are visiting Canada for tourism purposes, i.e., vacationing or visiting a Canadian city, sightseeing, traveling with family or friends, is arriving as a phase. For a college outing of a faculty group or some different social activity, or attending a brief instruction about it now does not provide any credit, they can follow the ETA as a travel authorization document for Canada to allow them to enter the country.

Canada eTA for transit

As Canadian airports offer connecting flights to a large number of cities around the world, often foreign nationals may find themselves in a Canadian airport or Canadian metropolis for a layover or transit function en route to their onward destination. While preparing for their connecting flight each other U. s or destination, global vacationers who need to be in Canada soon can use Canada ETA for Transit to do so. If you are a U.S. citizen eligible for a Canadian ETA and you have to wait several hours at any Canadian airport or several days in any Canadian city to transit on a flight to every other U.S. your destination is an onward flight between us,

Canada eTA for medical treatment

You can come to Canada for intended clinical therapy using a Canada eTA if you live abroad with citizenship of any international location that qualifies for an eTA for Canada. In addition to the normal requirements for a Canadian eTA, you will additionally need to provide evidence of prescribed clinical treatment. Any documentation that demonstrates your clinical analysis and why you wish to conduct it in Canada will serve as proof of your intended clinical therapy in Canada.

What documents are required for Canada visa?

Here are the Canada visa requirements:

  1. Your passport.
  2. Eligible Canada Visa Application
  3. Proof of paid Canada visa fee.
  4. Evidence of clear criminal record.
  5. Photo as per photo requirements for Canadian visa.
  6. Proof of financial means.
  7. Proof that you have returned to your country when your Canadian visa expires.
  8. Identity and Civil Status Documents.
  9. A cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Canada.
  10. Letter of support/invitation to Canada.


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