An ASP.NET website has brilliant capabilities to perform par excellence and if you have planned to use ASP.NET for programming your website then the obvious choice of server has to be that of Windows hosting server. Also, due to the availability of visual studio for free, makes .net websites easier to build through the Windows platform.

When big organizations lookout for development and functionality, the combination of Windows servers and ASP.NET becomes an obvious choice. It is the best fit for programs such as PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and similar applications. If you are a newbie then the ability of the Windows framework to be designed in a small span of time gives you that easy option. On the other hand, the complexity of Linux can bother you and may cause several hindrances in your project. Although, Linux has its larger fan base worldwide and is certainly the most selling product, at the same time Windows also has a larger demand worldwide because of its specific advantages.

If you are looking forward to using ASP.NET to build your website, Windows hosting will be the only and the best choice to host your website on the internet then.

Let us now consider MilesWeb, which is one of the leading web-hosting providers, and take a look at what they have onboard for us. If you are looking forward to using ASP.NET to build your website, Windows hosting will be the only and the best choice to host your website on the internet then.

MilesWeb’s Windows hosting for your ASP.NET website:

MilesWeb is a leading Indian brand in the hosting avenue and has achieved this stature within 8 years of its establishment. They are now a global brand with tier-3 and tier-4 data centers located globally. With a portfolio of 20000+ customers within such a short period, MilesWeb has grown as one of the most trusted hosting partners by many web users looking to take their business online.

With the spectrum of available services ranging from the domain, web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. they make sure that they are hosting ready for customers from all walks of life and business profiles, and with their flexible pricing policy, they do make a statement that they are there for any person with any budget. Even if their prices are one of the lowest, MilesWeb has all its hosting plans filled with features and the latest tech. They also offer 24/7 customer support, which in my opinion is their USP because of the professionalism and the problem-solving capability of all its members.\

Now, as we know about MilesWeb as a hosting provider let us just consider what do they offer when it comes to Windows hosting.

Plans to choose from

If you have already decided to go for ASP.NET, then you will obviously need a Windows hosting plan to accompany it. What you should now decide is whether to go for Windows shared hosting or Windows VPS hosting. It is not that difficult puzzle to solve. If you have planned for, or already have a basic website then you should go for the Windows shared hosting. Otherwise, if you are planning for a resource and traffic-heavy website then Windows VPS is the best option for you. You can opt for dedicated though if you have the budget and the manpower to handle the dedicated servers’platform.

MilesWeb does offer both Windows shared and Windows VPS hosting

Windows shared hosting by MilesWeb:

Features they offer:

  • Latest SSD drives
  • Plesk Obsidian 18.x control panel
  • Secured emails
  • Softaculous-1 click installer
  • Account setup instantly
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domains
  • Free Migration

Plans in detail:

With the basic W-Tyro plan of MilesWeb’s Windows hosting you get the option to host 1 website, with 1 free domain on offer, 10 email accounts, 1GB disk space with 2GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and Windows server 2016. I think this is the best a developer can get at one of the lowest price point.

With the medium level W-Swift plan, what you get more is 2 free domains instead of just one, unlimited email accounts rather than just 10 of those, 3GB RAM as an advantage in comparison to the features on offer in the basic W-Tyro Plan.

The feature-loaded and premium W-Turbo plan of MilesWeb offers the freedom of hosting unlimited websites along with the power of 5GB RAM in comparison to the other two plans.

Windows VPS hosting by MilesWeb:

Features they offer:

  • Hyper-V powered
  • Complete dedicated resources
  • Complete administrator access
  • Plesk control panel
  • Latest and updated technology
  • Easy upgrades of VPS servers
  • Strong and powerful hardware
  • Migration of your website for free
  • The option of a managed or self-managed hosting
  • Elaborated security
  • Unlimited SQL database

Wide range of Plans:

With 6 variants of plans on offer, you get the basic W1 plan at the price tag of Rs. 1260 per month and the highest W6 going up to Rs. 12040 per month that is a huge range on offer! You can choose the one which best suits your financial terms and your website’s technical necessities.

The Ultimate Word of Advice:

As you’ve already thought of building your website through ASP.NET, and after going through the blog if you’ve finalized which form of Windows hosting to go for as per the need of your website, then you must consider MilesWeb as the most trusted and one of the leading hosts for all variants of hosting available.


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