Photos have always had more or less editing options. As the versions of Android and the functions of the layers of the manufacturers have been increasing, the possibilities have been expanding. 

However, while photos have always had great editing options, videos have been somewhat more forgotten. OPPO is one of the companies that offer advanced video editing options since the beginning of ColorOS.

The quality of video recording has increased considerably in recent times. It is easy to find mid-range devices that can record in 4K and we are starting to see the first ones that do it in 8K. In addition, and with messaging applications and social networks where video becomes increasingly important, it is useful to have native tools to be able to edit.

Edit videos on OPPO

OPPO mobiles have several options, from the first versions of ColorOS that only saw the light in China. Now, the firm has updated many of its terminals to ColorOS 7, which will soon see the light of day with ColorOS 11. The options for editing video on the Chinese firm’s terminals are as follows and I want to buy oppo reno8 lite price in Bangladesh.

edit video on oppo

Access the editor

The first thing we have to do is go to the gallery and click on the video that we want to edit , once inside we will click on “Edit” and we will access the different options.

Available editing options

  • Cut : this option allows you to drag any end of the bar, to cut the parts of the video that we do not need. Then just click on save to have that specific part of the video.
  • Filter : another of the video editing options in OPPO are the filters. We can apply video filters such as Sunlight, summer solstice and Polaroid effect.
  • Soundtrack : It is something that many users are looking for and before it could only be done with a third-party app. It allows us to use the music that we have stored in the mobile as the soundtrack of the video. We can also add some predefined system music and click on “turn off” to remove the original sound from the video.
  • Text – This option makes sense for creating slideshows or putting either a title at the beginning of the video. We can add overlapping text. To do this we can drag the text to choose the position and drag the frame viewer to control when the text has to appear.
  • Watermark : this is the personal signature on our video creations. Within this option we can add a watermark, with the location and date of the video. In case the video does not contain this information, the watermark cannot be added.

AMOLED, 64 Mpx and fast: the Samsung Galaxy A53 lowered more than 100 euros

If you are looking for a good mobile with which to carry out any activity, it is your lucky day. One of the most balanced Samsung Galaxy has a great discount that you can take advantage of, so if you need to take the leap and leave your old smartphone behind, this is the ideal time to do so.

The mid-range of devices increasingly has all kinds of attractive alternatives that boast excellent qualities. A clear example of this is the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G , which landed a few months ago, but this is no excuse to receive a considerable offer that leaves its price on the ground.

An incredible mobile for 344 euros

This phone from the South Korean brand originally costs 449 euros and it is precisely for this reason that Amazon’s offer is so special. We are talking about a reduction of 115 euros that makes this Galaxy A53 5G all yours for 334.58 euros.

It is important to mention that this is the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage . A standard figure in the mid-range with which you won’t have any problem when opening several apps at the same time or downloading content.

For those who do not want to spend that amount in one go, there is also the option of financing the terminal for 10 months with interest. In any case, the increase remains at 349.33 euros, so there is not much difference with the price on offer and your wallet will feel more relieved.

A Samsung Galaxy ready for anything

The main asset presented by the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is its versatility. It is a very versatile mobile that offers practically perfect performance in all sections. We are going to investigate each of them briefly and concisely so that you have an idea of ​​​​what it is capable of.

We start with its Super AMOLED screen that is unique to Samsung Galaxy devices and is designed to offer perfect viewing in terms of color accuracy, sharpness and brightness. This, together with the 120 Hz that guarantees good fluidity when moving around the phone, ensures a high-level content reproduction.

Trasera del smartphone Samsung Galaxy A53

In the engine room it integrates an Exynos 1280 that has also been developed by the company itself and this means that the power is optimized to perform at the highest level . So there will be no application that opposes you. In addition, you will be able to enjoy your favorite video games with exceptional graphic quality. 5G connectivity could not be missing, as its name indicates, to browse the Internet at full speed.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G battery is very well served by a giant autonomy of 5,000 mAh with which you will reach more than 25 hours of duration without much complication . This supports fast charging of 25W as usual in the company’s mobiles, so to reach 100% you will have to leave it for an hour and a half, although you will preserve its useful life.

The camera does not offer perfect results, as these are reserved for the high end, but for what it costs this Samsung Galaxy offers some exciting photos. 

The 64 MP main sensor with optical stabilization does a very good job of capturing colorful and detailed images . The rest of the module is made up of a 12 MP ultra wide angle lens, a 5 MP depth sensor and a 5 MP macro. In short, you have many possibilities at your fingertips. At night it performs quite well compared to other smartphones in its price segment and smartphone bd best list here.

As if that were not enough, it comes with One UI 4.1 factory integrated based on Android 12 as the operating system. This is very good news considering that Samsung has updated its update policy and this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G will come to enjoy Android 15 , which is a great long-term opportunity.

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Mobile games that you can download for free for a limited time

In the Play Store and App Store , discounts and promotions are frequently offered with which you can have paid content for free or much cheaper for a short time. Among them, several games with which you can spend entertaining moments.

If you want to enjoy them, right now you can get some free Android and iOS games for a limited time, since they may be on sale again at their usual price at some point. There are also several apps that may interest you.

We tell you what they are so you can check them out and see if you are interested in any, although we anticipate that you may need to free up memory on your Huawei , Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone or whatever mobile you have if you are going to want a few.

Games about superheroes, warriors and ninjas, tower defense, sudoku, bike racing, shooting, medieval England, puzzles, your own life in the city, symmetry drawing and more.

It is very important that, if you are interested, you take advantage of this promotion to download them for free because they may no longer be given away at any time. Until very recently, there were some games and apps that could be downloaded for free that are now paid for again.

Free mobile games right now

As you can see, their prices are very varied, from an amount that is close to 1 euro to almost 5 euros and even in some cases exceeds 7 euros, as is the case of Moto Bike Racer Pro Fighter 3D, in the that you will be able to do bike stunts and shoot down your attackers.

Depending on the one you download, you will be able to save more or less money, but in all cases right now you will not pay anything for them. You just have to go to the application store of your mobile, search for them and click on install . It’s that simple, without confirming payment or seeing price or anything.

There are several games for your mobile that you may love, so we tell you what they are. Surely someone interests you, so do not hesitate and look for it as soon as possible.

Android Games


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